February 19, 2012


We've had a couple of rainy and windy days; when this happens, the kitties usually stay in and sleep a lot.

Do you remember my love spreading post? Well, folks, it seems that nobody gave a sh*t about it. One of the boards is missing, the other one looks like this and the one I put on the metal horse looks pretty much like the one below :(.

Running to the mailbox on cold, rainy days is very rewarding when you find a package addressed to you in it! :) 
Our mailbox is located half a block from our house; I'm usually escorted by the cats on my way to and from it, but erm, not on rainy days, haha.

I got a handmade cell phone case I'd won over at Chrissy's blog. She also sent a knitted headband as a birthday present, how sweet is she?! And how cool is the card, right? :p It's now part of my mood board.
Don't hesitate to visit her Etsy to check more items made by Chrissy herself ;). And it's her birthday today, so happy birthday, Chrissy!!! You're such a kind human being; you deserve the very best!

I kind of think Valentine's Day is as tacky as most of the other holidays, but it's always nice to find an excuse to celebrate love and have a date-night, right?
And, man, I love clearance time in America! We spotted the heart shaped plates 70% off! So we only spent $4 for 2 large hearts, 2 small hearts and 1 rounded plate :p.

Hope you've all had a great weekend!

Hugs! ;D


Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

So sorry, and surprised(!), to read about your love-notes. I was so excited when I read that post and figured it would make so many people happy. Perhaps it just wasn't the right neighborhood?

Anyway, I'm glad you did get some nice mail! And you have such cute kitties:)
And all those plates are really cool, though I love the cherry blossom one best<3

Hello Naka said...

maybe people saw and just didnt want to touch or take one? i would have taken a photo but i wouldn;t have wanted to take one tbh i thought its a cute idea and i love the heart shaped plates :)

Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

Awww...I can't believe your 'love" notes went untouched for the most part.

Sleepy kitties...they are SO adorable! I wish I looked as sweet and adorable when I slept. It's not fair...their hair never gets messed up when THEY roll around :p

Chrissy is SO sweet!! What an adorable set of handmade goodies!


vero mariani said...

jajajja sos linda! lamento que nadie haya sabido apreciar tu amor, se lo pierden ellos!!! y AMAMOS las sales del norte!!! grandes hallazgos linda!

bes enormeeee y love, love love!

vero mariani said...

jajaajj miki volví, mirá esto: jaaaajjaja!

besos y buen martes!

lisa said...

Your "love spreading" was super creative and sweet and I'm sure people that it was awesome and didn't want to ruin it!

You get the best mail!!

Chrissy said...

Aw, thanks, sweetie! I am so glad you like everything! Somehow I knew you would like the card, hehe!
Hugs and love ya xxx

thursday said...

I've been going full on crazy over all of the Vday clearance sales - especially at the craft store. I have enough heart ric rac to last me a lifetime. Those plates are cute too!

Corina said...

Hey there!
You must have had a great Valentine's day! Love the decoration :)

Mazzetina Vita Deco said...