February 08, 2012

My first half of the day

Hello, everybody! Hope you're all doing great! I wasn't going to publish a post today, but I found myself taking a few pics, so I thought I could share my first half of the day with you :).

This morning, my mother-in-law called me to see if I wanted to have breakfast with her at The Avocado House, a nice little tea house run by Germans (I think). They claim to use nature produce to make their meals and you can even go check the chickens they have at the back of the restaurant, which is also the owners' house. I had my first cinnamon roll ever; I liked it but removed the icing, it was too freakin' sweet! And huge! I couldn't finish it.

After breakfast we went to Michael's Arts & Crafts, because she wanted to buy some supplies. I love this store! The have a ginormous inventory; I could spend hours and hours in there. I took a few crappy phone pics of some of the products that caught my eye.

These are some cute bunnies and squirrels you can place on pots, hehe.

They sell packets of tiles with different shapes. Good thing I didn't have a dime, because I wanted these so bad!

And these are some random containers. There was a whole aisle for Valentine's products. I hope we can go after Valentine's and find some heart-shaped plates I set my eyes on ;). I'm sure they'll be way cheaper

After Michael's she dropped me off at the library and stayed there for a couple of hours.

I found lots of kitty books by someone called Lilian Jackson Braun.

Funny ones, hehe :p.

I scored some magazines; woohoo!

And this is what I've just had for lunch, at home. 
David brought baby cupcakes last night, yum!

In one of the magazines I found an article about Portlandia's Carrie Brownstein. You have to watch that show if you're not doing it already! I can't tell you enough how hilarious it is; definitely a must-see! ;) I don't think they're showing it in Argentina, yet; but I'm sure they will. I'm guessing it'll be broadcasted by I-Sat.

Here's a really short skit of them making fun of Kickstarter, haha!

Erm, one more! :p I swear I'm not a Harajuku girl, haha!

Ok! Ok! Enough of this boring post!

Hope you're all having a great day! ;D I'm off to burning some of the calories I ate today :/ on the treadmill!


june at noon said...

Michael's can be very inspiring. I especially enjoy their weekly 40 or 50% coupons (which I can access on my phone). :)

jamie said...

MIkiiiiiii :) hi babe!!!

wow, that is a cinnamon roll? it looks humongous! sounds like you two had a fun filled day :) and i lovee Michael's!! I love their sales, haha! i loved your comment on my latest post, haha! the 90s are totally not vintage, right? lol :) hope youre well babe!!

love you!!!

chantilly said...

awe man, i would've destroyed that cinnamon roll, with the icing. i love michaels! i was just there, actually.

hope you're feeling better, sweetie. xoxo

Meli. said...

sólo no puedo dejar de pensar si las macetas o las ardillas cuestan 1.19
moriría en un lugar así.. literalmente, hiperventilaría y me desmallaría... jajaja... super exagerada!!
me ha encantado pasear con vos en este medio dia... habrá más sorpresas hacia la noche??


Debbie No Está ® said...

No puedo ver los videos :(
En donde encontras todas estas cosas tan cute? hasta la comida es tierna! me encantaron los frasquitos, ojalá se consiguieran cosas asi acá.


Chrissy said...

Ah, how I miss going to Michael's, JoAnn and Hobby Lobby! There is nothing comparable here...just small shops that sell crafting supplies...
Hope your week is fun! xxx

Corina said...

Could you have a look at the Encyclopedia of Immaturity? Is it cool?