February 01, 2012

I gotta get rid of these

So, I've been gathering up lots and lots of magazines ever since I started volunteering at the library (about 10 months ago).

At the library, you can get 5 magazines for a dollar, so whenever I see issues of Nylon, Vogue or Elle, I just can't help myself. But I've reached a point where I need to let some of these go.

We said we were going to do our best to avoid clutter in the house and started organizing our things already, so it's time to say goodbye to some of my magazines.

But, of course, I can't throw them in the dumpster without going through them first and ripping the pages I can use ;). I'm keeping the nice large photos to make envelopes.

I'm also cutting some cool pictures to make collages.

 Oh, I'm also keeping some make-up and perfume samples ...

Are you wondering why??? Hello!!!

Haha, just kidding! :p I keep samples of the fragrances I like for when I am ready to splurge on a new bottle (you know, to remember what they smell like). I do try make-up samples, sometimes.

I'm also filing some full articles in folders and little scraps in my Gemma Correll journal :p.

I hope I can shrink my magazine collection by 50% (at least!).

Do you keep all the magazines you buy?

What measures do you take in order to avoid clutter?

I'm curious to hear about you! I suck at keeping myself organized :/. Clutter gathers all around me and the worst thing is that I kind of like it, ha. Well, not really, but I like having my things handy and I always know where everything is, even when the place is a mess.

Happy midweek, everyone! ;D

Wait, wait, wait!

Right when I'm about to press "publish", I run into this! Available here. I guess I don't have to get rid of my magazines after all, haha. Jk :p.


Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

You are so darn creative! I would never think to keep inspiring or interesting photos in a little scrapbook. What a great idea!

Good luck on purging the magazines! I know it can be hard to part with them!

lissa said...

I stopped reading magazines a while ago but still go the stand to browse. I like your journal of magazine clippings. I used to do that too. but habits aren't so easy to break, so good luck.

Chrissy said...

Love your journal! You are so creative! I love keeping the magazines I buy, but it does tend to reach a point where it gets too much as well!
Hugs xxx

Leticia Lipszyc said...

Que paciencia recortar las revistas!! Lo de juantar revistas intentoo evitarlo, porque me las olvido "debajo de la cama"...igual está bueno, por las fotos!!

ceci said...

1.La idea del silloncito me encanta
2. al lado de la cama como mesa d eliuz se la rebancan
3. amo las revistas., Leo y escribo en ellas hace mucho ya..
4. Si mi coleecion estuviera compuesta de esos titulos dificlmente podría tirarlas.
5. Sos muy MUY graciosa Miki!!!


vero mariani said...


jajajaja soy una freak mal pero es tan difícil desprenderse de ellas, son tan pero tan tan tan lindas y tanto papel! igual bien ahí los scrapbooks y tu locura! miki sos adorableeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

super freak, she's a super freeeaaaak! jaja!

Meli. said...

justo iba a aconsejarte que hicieras un banco como ese!!!
jamas te deshagas de esos tesoros!!!

además... es perfumeria gratuita de primera linea!!!

Corina said...

Hola Miki!
Imagino lo que te debe costar deshacerte de las revistas. Yo solía juntar bastante papelerío (revistas o recortes) en carpetas pero cuando por algún motivo hay que hacer limpieza o una mudanza o simplemente espacio para revistas nuevas es inevitable tomar la tan temida decisión :-o
También guardo los recortes o notas (generalmente por temas) que me interesan en cuadernos, bolsas o cajomes y los que son para decoración en latas (de dulces o galletitas, viste?)... así se conservan mucho mejor ;)
Que tengas un lindo día!!

Carrie said...

I love how creative you are and I am a magazine junkie lol!


Naila Moon said...

You could always donate your magazines to a preschool. Kids love cutting out things of magazines and pasting.
Your creativity is wonderful.
Have you discovered Pinterest yet?
~Naila Moon

Nnenna said...

I love how creative you've been with all of your magazines! I keep mine for while, like 1-2 years, but when I need more space I have to throw them out. But not before ripping out all the pretty pictures of course :) This has definitely given me some different ideas of things to do with magazines :)

Maru said...

i love your photos!
kisses from Argentina

Bianca J said...

Awh no! I wish I could afford the postage to take some off your hands! I'm low on collage material at the moment (seems silly to buy them new to cut up) and am trying to find places that give old magazines cheap. Glad you got all the good bits out first! Purging feels good though - I love a good clean out!

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

That's very good! I did the same thing a little while back. Had loads of Glamours and quite a lot of movie mags as well. It took up so much room, so I threw them out. But like you, took out all the good stuff first:)

I can't remember the last time I tried perfume out of a magazine, but still, I always feel the urge to get those samples haha.

Also, I just spent a great amount of time looking back through your posts. You are one awesome lady<3

Anonymous said...

WOW look at all those magazines!!!!!!!!!!!! You most definitely need a clear out missy ;)

seelvana said...

hola sí que tal, me llamo Silvana y quiero quedarme a jugar acá. Graciiiiiias =)

Y además sombreros said...

No las tires, hazte la silla, o muchas sillas, besos.

Nena Nadine said...

Put some of those perfume samples in your sock and or undies drawer. Keeps them smelling sweet.

eli said...

jajaa decí que el flete me sale tan caro, pero mataría por todas esas revistas! soy maníaca recortadora (para los collages de mis art journals), these are paradise!!!!!!!!