February 10, 2012

A compendium of somethings: Clutter-free edition

One of our most important goals for 2012 is to make our house look prettier, get rid of clutter and do a better job at organizing our stuff. For that purpose, I've been looking for ideas online; these are some of the neater ones I've found ;).

Something to display your magazines: I think I might put this idea into practice :p.

Something to hang your clothes: I love these Ribbon coat racks.

Something to keep your jewelry organized: Frames, bowls, cake stands, etc.

Something to organize your cables: Easy and cheap! ;)

Something to categorize your books:    
Something to store your shoes: This is an Argentinean company, but I'm sure you'll find this product anywhere in the world. They also make bigger boxes for boots and smaller ones for kids, in different colors.


Something to do with spare knobs (?):       

Something to store your mail: Here's the DIY to make these canvas wall pockets.

Something you can do yourself: A tutorial to learn how to wall mount boxes.

Something to keep your metal little somethings handy and organized: Do what Brittany did! Buy magnetic strips, put them inside your medicine cabinet and stick all your bobby pins, tweezers and clippers there ;).

Hope you like these ideas!

Have an awesome weekend, everybody! ;D


Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

A-MA-ZING. I love it all! I would KILL (not really kill...more like video game violence kill) for that shoe storage from Argentina! Granted I would need a lot of them but it's pretty perfect.
That Have Read and Will be Read shelf is adorable! I think my favorite are the little bread ties used to label cords. I swear people are brilliant. Thank you for sharing!
Oh and that ModSquad thing I mentioned on Twitter. I got an email saying ModCloth was looking for people to participate in a Street Team for 2012 so I filled out the form and I got accepted. In the survey they asked me to fill out it said to list your top 5 favorite blogs and I included yours and why it was one of my favorites. Who knows if they'll do anything with the info!

Hello Naka said...

im so excited to move out and be able to deco my place like your ideas! i love the bobby pin idea and the coat hangers :3 so excited! i hope youre doing well :)

ceci said...

Bueniiiiiiiiiiiisimo mel ultimooo!
Pablo vive puteando con mis invisibles que paraél son demasiado visibles!
Donde se comparara cinta magnetica?
Un beso enorme Miki y buen fin de semana!!!

eli said...

Cuántas buenas ideas! me encantaron los separadores de libros, super simpáticos!
Al final, ideas hay muchas y lindas, el asunto es tener las ganas de ponerse a ordenar jee!
Buen finde Miki!

Courtney said...

So cute! I love some of these ideas. Especially the hangers with magazines on them! Soooo cool!

Laura said...

love the magazine hangers would be cute if you had some vintage vogues or something! xo

his_girl_friday said...

So much inspiration in this post! I love it!

Maggi said...

Most everyone needs help with organization! This is a wonderful sample of ideas. I love all the jewellery and snail mail organizers.

Corina said...

Really practical ideas to keep my jewelry organized ;)