February 24, 2012

A compendium of crafty somethings

So, you're very good with your hands, you like artsy stuff and have some minutes to spend on a DIY kinda project? Ok, then, you might like this post ;).

Something you can make with test tubes: Isn't this a really neat idea? :D

Something you can make with paint chips: Check out this and all the other tutorials over at Hello! Lucky.

Something to learn how to frost your cupcakes properly: You can watch the video here.

Something bohemian: 

Something for you hair: Check this DIY to learn how to make these Pearl hair combs.  

Something to boost your imagination: Low-Commitment Projects is proof that you can be very creative with simple objects and no need of money :). 


Something for your skin: Tea soap; yep, you heard me!

Something for the kids: You can download these paper cupcakes and play with the little ones in your family :).

Something for vintage lovers: Learn how to make this memory game and find the vintage images here.

Hope you all have a great weekend! ;D

I promise I'll catch up with your blogs soon; miss you!


lindsi said...

you find the neatest things, i always look forward to your posts!

Meli. said...

no me va a alcanzar el fin de semana!! quiero hacer toooodo!!
gracias miki! como podés encontrar cosas tan hermosas siempre!
que haría sin tí!!


Buen fin de semana creativo!

Corina said...

I do love this post!
There are so many cool ideas... thanks for sharing them and enjoy your weekend too!

Chrissy said...

I love the lamp in the third picture! Love the colors!
Hope you're feeling a bit better! Hugs xxx

cosas mínimas said...

Las lamparas hermosas!
Vi unos individuales muy lindos que incluyen un sobre para los cubiertos similar al que subiste vos. Y las cajas con muestras de pinturas son bellisimas.
Ojala tuviera la habilidad para hacer TODO eso!

Bess, Sole
buen fin de semana.

Very nice post! (i'm sorry my english is very bad, do you know spanish? I hope so!)

amyschmamey said...

These are all neat but the test tube creations are AWESOME!!!

Anonymous said...

I want to go out and buy lots of test tubes now! They are great.