January 29, 2012

Silent post: Home


Carrie said...

love the kitty cat!

I hope you have a week


Coquis said...

:( :-o :) :D

Meli. said...

hooo que cosas habr`que decir detràs de cada imagen?? serìa un lindo juego!

linda semana! mucho amoooor!!


Hello Naka said...

i lvoe your glasses and thank you ^_^ i'm glad im back into blogging too :3 i really like Mr Nice Guy too :p

Hello Naka said...

also with the sewing, i normally looking for online tutorials and vidoes or baste/tack it first by hand if i can't pin the hem in place :) i hope this helps! i would lvoe to see how to pants turn out!

Hello Naka said...

I would love to see how the pants turn out*