January 23, 2012

Pieces of me

* I have my first job interview on Thursday; I got so fat that none of my office clothes fits. Crap.

* David got me into watching Portlandia; the show cracks me up! It's freakin' bizarre and hilarious!

* There's a new kitten in the complex; we still can't tell if it's a stray. We want to feed him and give it up for adoption if he's homeless, but he doesn't seem to be hungry and disappears at night, which makes us think he does have a home :). He's got really short legs and is super friendly. He kneads with his back legs only; SO cute!

* We went to Ikea on Saturday and fell in love with some colorful bookcases and other awesome (and inexpensive!) stuff. We can't wait to save money and go back. 
This chair was begging me to take it home with us. 
Next time, chair; next time ...

* The other day I told David' "Spiderman kiss!"; he replied, "Spider monkeys???"

*  I'm over winter; I'm already dreaming of warmer days and pastels colors (which I rarely wear). If it were warm and I were me on my slimmest days, I'd love to wear something like this:

* While reading a nice post by Kristen, I ran into this photo. I don't particularly like Nicki Minaj, but I think this is pretty wise.

Hope all is well on your end!

Happy Monday! ;D


ceci said...

Ahora cuando tengas tu nuevo empleo (sea éste u otro) vas a poder comprarte todo! Y hacer muchos regalos como a vos te gusta! Eso es genial Miki!!! Cuando sentís ansiedad tomá agua, mucha mucha! Así no atacás tanto la comida. Arrancá tus días otmando medio litro de agua y después hacete adicta!!! Beso enorme,

Carrie said...

good luck on your interview!!! I am ready for winter to be over too this is the fourth day of rain here ugh

Happy Monday


lindsi said...

love portlandia! and that chair is so cute, you should definitely get it:)

vero mariani said...

happy monday mikiiii! (quiero ver esa serie jeeje)

Meli. said...

tranquila!!! que cualquier ropa irá bien! es solo una cuestion de actitud.... y de ir cómoda, profesional... por que no un toque chic??
quiero foto de nueva mascota del vecindarios!! tal vez tiene unos dueños liberales, que lo dejan vivir la vida por doquier!
tranquila!! esa silla irá a tu casa! a ella también la ví con ganas! :)

buen lunes!!!!
que esto recién empieza

NESHA said...

The kitty sounds cute! But yeah, he might just be someone cat that loves going round the neighbourhood seeking attention haha!

Good luck with the interview! :)

chantilly said...

good luck on your interview miki!!

i've been hearing a lot of good things about portlandia. sounds like a show i need to watch!


lisa said...

Miki, congrats on your interview! That is so exciting! Portlandia is so funny, being from Oregon it really reminds me of home :) I'm so glad your spirits are up, I'm just catching up on blogs. *big hugs*

Sandy a la Mode said...

that chair is amazing!!

Courtney said...

Oh Miki, that chair is darling! And I would absolutely wear the outfit you put together. Soooooo cute!

p.s. I hope your job interview goes awesome!

Heike said...

I am sure you'll kick butts! ;)

Corina said...

Best luck on Thursday!
Keep us posted about it, please!