January 31, 2012

Photography tutorials, gadgets and more

Photography tips galore, people!  ;p

Holga lenses for the Iphone
If you have an Iphone, you might wanna check these Holga IPhone lenses; available here.

Free Photoshop actions
Dang, I wish I knew how to use Photoshop! David taught me some basic stuff, but for some reason, I don't seem to find this program very user-friendly. Well, not having it in my computer anymore doesn't help, ha. I guess I should give it another try.
Anyway, you'll find some Photoshop actions in this blog.

If you're as clueless as I am about lenses, here's some input on the subject.

Cheap photography lighting system
Check this post to learn how to make your photos brighter.

Food photogrpaphy
Oh, boy! Food photography is more complicated than I'd thought :/ ... Find lots of tips here.

Do you like bokeh? Learn how to make your own.

Here's an interesting post about a photo editing program called Lightroom.

If you missed my 2 previous posts with photography tips and blogs, you can find them here and  here.

Hope you're having a great week! ;D


Leticia Lipszyc said...

Para aprender a usar Photoshop por tu cuenta, se necesita paciencia y mucha prueba y error...Creo que leer algún tutorial te puede ayudar, sobre todo si explica especificamente lo que vos queres saber, porque es un programa muy expenso, y marea muy facilmente.

Yo intente aprender de la nada y me volvi loca, pero después un profesor hizo que todo sea más simple..!!

Hello Naka said...

that's so cool! thanks for posting the tips and where to find more :0 this could amuse me for hours, i really love the lenses for iphones too :3

chantilly said...

ugh, photoshop. by design, it isn't user friendly because it's for "pro's." i hated it at first. i can't even tell you how many times i sat in front of the computer for like, 2 hours trying to figure out some really simple thing. like cropping :P but i do believe it's a great set of skills to know, in the end :)

i'll have to check out those actions!! xx

Meli. said...

creo que necesito un iphone sólo para usar ese juguete!!
no sabia que habia tantas reglas para fotografiar la comida!! :S
tal estos links me ayuden a superar la tristeza... el 19 de abril cierra piknick! tal vez puedas ayudarme a encontrar algunos otros editores divertidos! ya que no tengo una buena cámara de fotos, saco todo con mi celular.. e intento editarlas la mejor m
me voy a chusmear los links!

Heike said...

Hey Miki,
I have a good tip for you. Go and visit that exhibition here.
It is in Culver City, I know it is far, but it is totally FREE and parking is $1!!!
Go and check it out! You'll love it!

Hello Naka said...

ahh! sorry i'm sure they look great though :3 im not patient enough to sew by hand, but i guess i should become more patient :p

ceci said...

Gracias MikiiII! Voy a aprender a hacer BokeH! Gracias!!! Genial! Y lo del Iphone, no tengo, pero la coordinadora de mi equipo Mariana sí! Así que ahora se lo paso.
Un besote!!!

Chrissy said...

Holga lenses for the iphone?! I need one!!! Great post! xxx

Chrissy said...

Holga lenses for the iphone?! I need one!!! Great post! xxx

Hair Romance said...

Great roundup post. I had no idea Holga made iphone lenses!

vero mariani said...