January 10, 2012

Need a new pair of glasses?

If you've known me forever, you've always seen me with my glasses on. I started wearing them when I was 8 years old and have been wearing them ever since. I never take them off, except for when I go to bed.

Back then, I thought that wearing eyeglasses was a complete bummer. They made me look even more like a nerd, which I totally resented, and since my eyesight got worse through time, they kept getting heavier, to the point that I'd always have 2 red marks on each side of my nose.

During my late teenage years, I occasionally tried to do without my prescription glasses, especially when I went dancing with my friends. Experience has proven that to be a very bad idea; I couldn't see a thing and instead of feeling "cool", I was more aware of this physical handicap, making the experience even less enjoyable.

It wasn't until very recently, after a failed attempt at switching to contact lenses, that I realized that a nice pair of glasses frames can make the whole difference. You might have noticed that since I got my new glasses about 6 months ago, I don't mind posing with them on. In the past, I would always take off my old hideous glasses for photos. Now, on the contrary, I feel my glasses are an important part of my outfit and I can say that I wear them proudly. They're no longer heavy and they have become another fashion accessory.

If you feel the same way I used to feel until not so long ago or if you just happen to want a new pair of fashionable prescription glasses, I recommend you check They have a wide selection of styles and they offer outstanding customer service and high-quality products without braking the bank!

In their website you'll even find a virtual mirror by means of which you can upload a picture of yourself and see what you would look like with the glasses on. These are some of my favorite frames.

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Hope you're all having a great week! ;D



Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

I love the glasses you had on in your outfit post the other day. They looked great on you! I've been wearing glasses (prescription) for about 4 years but I was wearing "readers" that you can pick up at any pharmacy for longer than that...refusing to believe I needed a prescription!

Cookie said...

Definetely second!

Hello Naka said...

i would love some new glasses but i always break and lose them XD thank you for the sweet comment ^^ I missed reading your blog and keeping in contact! I hope you had a great xmas and new year :)

ceci said...

No hay chance de que te operes? Yo también soy cuatrochi desde la infancia, pero creo que este año,, cirugía y a otra cosa!

Petra said...

I love glasses. always have. I got my first pair about 3 months ago, not even reading but computer glasses, and I'm already contemplating getting a 2nd pair. I totally agree with you. glasses make such a difference!

Sam Times said...

Wearing glasses has its own charm. Anyone could look cool in them, provided that they can choose the right style for themselves. Getting a brand like Ray Ban is nice, especially if you could afford one of those.

Vincent Davis said...

You don’t have to worry about that, Miki. In fact, wearing eyeglasses is considered hip and trendy these days. As the saying goes, “real beauty comes from within.” Looking and feeling good are the two most important things you need to consider, and you’ll definitely look beautiful with eyeglasses on. ;)

Optickart said...

Yay! Thanks, Kasey - appreciate it! And I love those frames - super cute! I wish I could wear wire/metal frames, but they never look right on me. Good luck!! :)

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Stephanie Butler said...

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