January 30, 2012

Have a colorful Monday!

Here's to a week full of bright colors and light! ;) Hope we can all check off lots of items in our to-do lists. 
Mine includes:
* Studying the driving manual.
* Applying for jobs (boo!). 
* Running on the treadmill (bo-ring!).
* Finishing up some packages.
* Sewing the hem on my pants (don't know how to, but I'll have to give it a try).



Happy Monday, everyone! ;D


ceci said...

yahoooooooooooooa! Me encantaron eso marcadores! Quiero, quieroooo!
Muchos colores Miki, desde la gris bs as! c.

chantilly said...

oooh, those colored markers are super-cool looking! they remind me of the big box of crayolas, which i always coveted as a kid :)

have a wonderful day, miki xoxo

Paula Visne said...

guau! esos colores estàn geniales!
encontré este tutorial para el dobladillo de los pantalones (si buscàs encontras algunos videos facilisimos!)

buena semana!

Carrie said...

great post!!!! I hope you have a great week :)


Courtney said...

Your to do list is lovely. I hope you made it through the job applying and the treadmilling without too much pain and suffering. I LOVE all the colors in this post! Absolutely a day brightener!

M.* said...

Colores y colores y colores. Me gusta empezar los lunes con todos esos colores!