January 02, 2012

Get your sh*t together

So, 2012 is officially here. Hope you had a great start to a new year! ;) 
These past couple of weeks we've been eating an celebrating a lot (as you can see in the photos below) ...

But it's time to start fresh, get our sh*t together and make the most of our time! Are you with me? ;) Lucky us, we've been caught up in this great energy, which we hope will last, ha! So we started meeting some of our goals :P.

In order to organize this week's tasks, I downloaded and printed these goal tracking sheets. I still don't have a journal, so they come in handy. I might keep using them even when I get a journal; I have the feeling that being able to see the list every day will be a constant reminder of what I need to do.

So far, we've bought 2 plastic set of drawers and started organizing the office, our messiest room in the house (that's why you hadn't seen it before, hehe).

They were only $15 each at Walmart. I'm keeping the stuff I use on a regular basis in these purple drawers, so no more leaving my crafting supplies on the table for days! We still need a big bookcase for our books and magazines, so for the time being, they'll have to be kept in the cardboard boxes.

David also changed the knobs in our night stands and dresser. Can't wait to change the color of bedroom walls! That might be our next task.

Oh, we also got an air purifier; that's what on the right.

I hope we can keep up with all the items in our checklist! 

And before I leave, let me show you some great ideas to keep yourselves organized :).


Hope you're having an awesome week! ;D


Carrie said...

love the new knobs!!!!

here's to 2012!!!!!


vero mariani said...

jajajjajajajjajaja miki es geniaaaal este post! me hiciste arrancar una mañana un poco accidentada con muy buen humor :) merci cherie!

SabinePsynopsis said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR, Miki! Every beginning of the year I'm determined to get my shit together, aka be more organised... but then, over time, it slowly fades out.
But I know you'll do well! X

ceci said...

Hola hermosa! ME encantaron los organizadores, y el buen augurio que te tirói la galletita de la suerte, claro que se te va a cumplir!!!

chantilly said...

what an amazing fortune!!

i love that blackboard/ mail slot thing. something like that would make my life so easy :) xoxoxo