January 26, 2012

A compendium of fashionable somethings

Ah, another weekend is just round the corner! Time for another Compendium of somethings. This time I have a list of items connected with fashion and I have to admit that I feel a bit guilty and elitist mentioning so many brands in one post; and kind of disgusted, too, quite honestly. But anyway, here goes this week's compendium.

Something to organize your shoes: Rakku shoe racks

Something comfy for your feet: Pretty Chanel Jelly shoes.

Something for trendy babies: Look at these Mary Jane socks! I so want them for me :p.

Something to style your shirts/dresses: LV F/W 2011 collars.

Something versatile: Check out this video and learn how to make different skirts and dresses with a shirt.

Something haute couture: Are you sure you can pronounce these brands correctly?

Something for each day of the week: 7 days of the week undies by Juicy Couture.

Something to revamp your shorts: Learn how to embellish your shorts with lace in this DIY.

Something to play with: If you love old style paper dolls as much as I do, you'll be delighted with Mostly Paper Dolls.

Have a blast this weekend, folks! ;D


Jenna said...

Those Rakku shoe holders are AMAZING! I've never seen anything like it. Go figure today on my post I talk about shoe storage...sadly I think I have one too many pairs of shoes to invest in one of the Rakku designs. If I had...20 less pairs I would have bought that little wheel immediately!

Those LV collars are sooo pretty! And seriously...those mary jane socks are adorable!!!

PS - I hope your interview went well!

vero mariani said...

naaaaaaaaaaaaaah! te zarpas con el organizador de zapatos! ES GENIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL! jajaaj sos lo más mikiiiiiiiii! muy buen finde :)

Heike said...

How did your interview go??????

I like the socks too! :)

Meli. said...

hooooo miky!! cual mas hermoso quiero todoooooo!!!! :)
deberían llamarse viernes de shoping imaginativo!! jajaj

lindo viernes!!

a sacarle las camisas a dave y armar faldas jijiji

Chrissy said...

Hey sweetie, you won the giveaway over at my blog! Congrats!! woohoo xxx

ceci a. said...

Hola Miki!!! Amo estos compilados que hacés! Beso y buen fin de semana!

Bonnie said...

Those shoe holders look like cute ferris wheels.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

chantilly said...

"... and i'm disgusted." haha!!

actually, i really appreciated those videos. i've never known how to even spell givency, nevermind say it. not that i care about "couture" whatsoever... i guess it's just nice information to have.


Hello Naka said...

cuteness overload! I love the socks and the jelly shoes but i have the feeling the jelly shoes would smell like plpastic :(

james said...

hi sweet miki! every time i visit your blog i fall in love all over again!

Optickart said...

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