January 03, 2012

Awesome blogs

Hello, everybody! Here are some awesome blogs I'm loving at the moment. Enjoy! ;P

For those seeking beauty tips
The Beauty Department
If you have no idea how to do your hair or put on make up, you'll love this blog as much as I do. They post lots of nice tutorials as well as inspirational photos. 

For design lovers
Love vs. Design
Do you love design and free downloadable stuff? Then click the link above and start downloading amazing templates, cards and calendars.

For typo lovers 
The Type Fight
A blog where designers compete to create the prettiest typography? Great idea! And of course you can cast your vote in their current fight ;).

For travelers
They draw and travel 
Here you'll find awesome illustrations of lots and lots of parts of the world. And if you're an artist, you can submit your map, too.

For those with sense of humor
These photos made me smile big time, hehe.

Hope you liked them! ;D



SamanthaJoy said...

hahaa, the logos were brilliant!!
love the post!!

Lillí said...


ceci a. said...

Genialesssssssssss Miki! Ame el primero y el ultimo!!! Y el typefight se lo pasé a una compañera diseñadora =)
Besotes enormes!!!

ceci a. said...

Ya ma hice un peindaito del beauty department! Me vino genial para este dia de calor! =)

lisa said...

You seriously find the best stuff Miki! I want to check all of these out but I'm in the process of catching up on blogs right now :) A week away sure leaves a lot of good reading! Happy New Year!

Menina Rosa Store said...

Amei suas dicas de blogs!!!
Feliz 2012!!!
Linkei seu blog, ok?

Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said...

thanks for all the links!

Courtney said...

This is lovely of you to share all these! I LOVE visiting new blogs and am so happy to know what ones will be good ones! Thanks dear Miki.
Hope you are having a wonderful week!

Menina Rosa Store said...

Hi! : D Thanks for the votes! The cake and everything was perfect! May your new year be blessed! : D