January 12, 2012

American products

In less than a month, I will have been living in this country for a year. It's amazing how time flies! I was going through some old photos and all of a sudden, and quite accidentally, this post came to mind. It might add nothing new to you, locals, but I thought some of my Argentine buddies (and foreigners in general) could find it amusing.

When you move to a different country and you think about all the new things you'll have to get used to, you usually think about the weather, the landscape, picking up a second language, making new friends ... What I wasn't aware of was the fact that there are little things to learn and discover every single day! The wide variety of products here, for instance, is something that keeps amazing me till today.

Booze in bottles shaped like guns.

Religious candy.

Possums with tire treads on their back :/.

I actually think I want a pair of these, hehe.

Not a football, but a tray with snacks to eat while watching football.

I certainly love the variety of seasonal products :p. There always seems to be a theme in the stores. In October everything is orange and pumpkin-spiced, before Easter it's all about bunnies and colorful eggs; right now, you can find hearts and Valentine's products everywhere.

Pet friendly Christmas ornaments at Pet Smart!

You can custom make your plates here, so you sometimes see funny ones. This one's very clear but other times I can hardly figure out what they were trying to say, haha.

It's amazing how doing something very simple such as getting wax at the pharmacy can be puzzling! I couldn't find the kind of wax that I wanted, so I randomly picked this one and to my surprise, when I opened the box at home, I found it comes with a kit of shapes so you can use them ... erm, you know, down there, hahaha!

This has nothing to do with moving to a new country, but this year I've also learned that you should never forget a bottle of beer in the freezer ... Because it'll turn into a chicken, hehe :p.

As I mentioned it before, portions in restaurants are huge! And they get pretty creative with the ingredients they use. Here's a crab burger from The Yard House.

I put one of those little balls in my mouth believing it was ice-cream, only to find it was actually butter! :/

It's very comforting to know there are restaurants where I can fin the same food I used to eat back home! :P An empanada and a milanesa sandwich from Empanadas To Go, yum!

I always have my camera in hand when we go out, because I know I'll always see something that will catch my eye :p.

Are there any products that even you, Americans, find awing? :)

Hope you're all having a great week! ;D


Carrie said...

love this post I have to say some of these things are new to me too lol

Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

Holy moly! I've never seen gun shaped liquor bottles! That is SO weird! That license plate is too funny...I tried to take a photo with my cell last week of a plate that said "BUZINESS" but I couldn't get close enough! I just saw those little slipper mop things last night at Walmart...I was intrigued. Those dog toys are GROSS! I could comment on each and every photo but that would make comment even longer so I'll stop there! PS - did you get my reponse to your comment on my "random wednesday" I'm guessing you didn't. I tried replying directly from the post because I thought the people were notified but I don't think it works!

jamie said...

oh my goodness! where can i buy those gun shaped alcohol? marc would Love them! and miki, yes, i receied your card! i am working on a gift to send to you :) i should be done with the gift this weekend and i'll ship it to you on wednesday (when i have money, haha). i hope that you will love it; its a token of my appreciation of your kind heart and our friendship <3 anyway, us americans are so funny, right? hehe. i loved this post so much! i hope that you are well sweetie <3 i will talk to you soon!!

love, jamie

chantilly said...

i... laughed out loud at the jesus candy. i've never seen that anywhere i've been, but i wish i have.

also booze in guns?? never encountered that, either!

i <3 this post :)

Sandy a la Mode said...

what a random but totally awesome and hilarious post!!

Ashley said...

OMG Miki! Me and Zach LAUGHED SO HARD about the butter thing!!! bahahahaha so cute! little balls of ice cream!? :D