January 16, 2012

About feelings

I'm not going to lie to you, kids, it's been a blah week. I haven't accomplished much and I feel a bit blue. I didn't touch the computer for 2 whole days, which is unprecedented here. And I'll tell you what I've learned this weekend: crying can be relieving but it's also really exhausting.

Being that spirits over here are not the best, this post might seem kind of a downer, but here I go anyway.

This young and talented photographer rarely photographs faces; love the gloom in her pictures.

These videos stole a tear or two when I first watched them.

On a happier note, this list made me smile. You can read the complete list here.

Here's to a more cheerful and productive week! ;) 


Heike said...

Miki! It makes me sad to read about you having a blah week. What can we as the reader of your blog do to cheer you up?
I hope you'll be better soon!

Chrissy said...

Miki, I am so sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling too well. Hope this week will be a better one for you! Thinking of you and sending some tight hugs! xxx

ceci said...

Im not sure whether to see those videos, since I am in a good mood today and don t won t to lose it.
Anyway, I m kind of concerned about you,. Would you like to e mail me, so we can talk?
Hope you ll find your path to feel great. I imagine it s not easy to live so far from home, but you re a person full of love, and there s someone who loves you. And that ´s a very good start. Dont you think so? Let me know if you want to talk by email!
Bye Miki, A big big hug to you!

Ashleigh-Jane said...

Hello :) thanks for sharing my blog! I appreciate the love


Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said...

i hope you feel better!

vero mariani said...

uuuuy linda! los momentos blah! son los que te ayudan a frenar el carro, respirar (llorar, por qué no? si es tan liberador!) y hacer una pausa. son los que te ponen en perspectiva todo lo bueno que tenés, y tenés mucho porque sos un amor. me alegra leer por el otro post que ya pasó, pero está bueno que pasen. son los bitter que hacen que el sweet sea mucho más sweet :) beso enorme linda!

artnoise said...

Loe these photographs....

Nena Nadine said...

Love the masked photos. Been wanting to do a photo shoot like that myself. Hope you feel better soon.

Rosie said...

love the photographer, such good photographs!
hope you're feeling better now :)
Rosie xo