December 13, 2011

What I'd like to give you for Christmas 2011 pt2.

Alrighty! Here are more presents I'd like to give you for Christmas! :p

To Julieta: A pair of glittery Miu Mius. She said she liked the flats I posted in part 1, so I chose these ones for her; not sure she'll mind the heel, though.

To Rosie: These bunny shoes. She's got an adorable collection of cute flats, so I think these would make a perfect gift for her. And, erm, yes, I'd totally get a pair for me, too.

To Ceci: I know she likes writing, cooking and traveling, so here are a few things I'd like to give her (all from Anthropologie).

To Vero: I'd give her tickets to see Travis. I'd also like her to be able to publish 2 books, 1 with the best cafes and restaurants in Buenos Aires and the other one with her very favorite stores and indie designers/crafters. And to help her organize all the information, some awesome filing boxes made with vintage record albums.

To Cori: Since she's traveling to Europe really soon, I'd give her these personalized leather luggage tags to travel with style :p and a Superheadz Golden Half camera by Chelsea Maika to document her trip. This adorable camera shoots 2 images on every full frame of film; I want one for myself, too!

To Meli: Since she likes crocheting and crafts, I think she'd appreciate these lucky packets by Hey Cherry and a Cupcake Couture kit (pic 2).

Hope you're all having a great day! ;D


ceci a. said...

Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiki! recibí mi primer regalo virtual, qué dulzura, pensaste en mí! Y tan acertadamente, porque sí: soyloqueamo y lo que amo es cocinar, escribir y viajar. También la música, así que te dejo esta canción que a mí me hace bailar y saltar de felicidad .

Gracias gracias gracias!!!

Mikkiiiii! I ve received my first virtual gift! How sweet, you´ve just thaught in me! And so accurately, because yes, I am what I love, and what I love is to cook, to write and to travel. And music also, so I let you this great song, that makes me dance and jump full of joy!

Thank you, thank you, thank youuuu!

Prima Humberta said...

No Miki! no me importa el taco si los zapatos vienen de tu parte! habría que ver como me las ingenio para que esta chueca logre hacer equilibrio arriba de esos 15 centimetros, pero me las voy a ingenir. Me puedo quedar con el regalo de todas las demás también?

Yo te regalo un deseo de que tengas un gran año de todo corazón!


Courtney said...

Miki this is such a cute idea. I love creative ideas I'm getting from these gifts. You're just one of my favorites! And I love your blog too!


Mari Garcia said...

I wish I was on your gift giving list! I would love those Bunny flats, they are so cute! Oh well guess I wil have to go buy them myself :P

Cute Blog Xoxo,
Mary from ♥ ♥

Vanessa Mercado said...

wow!!! you got really great choices of gifts.. how i wish i was one that could receive them..sooo love the glitter heel!!! stunningly beautiful!!! love your blog, following you now..

visit my blog for my international christmas giveaway!!!


vero mariani said...

ñaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa te zarpaaaaaaaaaaaas de linda! mikiiiiiii!!! gracias gracias gracias y es tal cual! ojala algún día caiga con el libro nena! GRACIAS POR ESTE MIMO ysorry que ando medio desaparecida. la vida pasa cuando menos te lo esperas! cua!
BESAZOOOOOO corazona! y gracias por mil!

Unknown said...

They're perfect!
I love them, well done on your pick ^_^

Rosie xo