December 27, 2011


I think this is my very first time writing down New Year's resolutions. I have the feeling that if I make my goals public, I'll make a better effort to try to meet them ... It'll be like setting them in stone ... well, sorta. I have an extended list of resolutions and ways to attain them in my journal, but that would be too boring, so here is an abridged version of the same list. 

Be a healthier me. Cut down on sugar and fat and consume more veggies. Work out at least 3 times a week.

Work on the house at least once a month. We have so many decor ideas! But we rarely get down to work. We need to change knobs, paint walls, put wallpaper, etc. I say devoting a whole weekend per month is totally attainable ;).

Do a better job growing our own spices. We planted all kinds of herbs this year and all of them have died; shame on me :/. How hard can it be to remember to water them every day, right?

Be more prepared to babysit for our nieces. Every time we have them over we do the same things: watch a movie, play dominoes, Uno and Wii games. I've started a board on Pinterest where I'm collecting lots of original ideas to entertain kids and teenagers :).

 Memory game designed by EatDrinkChic
Via Ce

Keep more in touch with my buddies in Argentina. I have them in my heart and mind the whole time, but I suck at keeping up with everybody (with the exception of a couple). I hate chatting and talking on the phone :(. People tend to keep me longer than I want and my sister is usually in a bad mood (which is totally understandable given that I left her there with so many responsibilities). Maybe I can write more often and send more pics to make it up?

Try not to get frustrated. I get very frustrated because I can't find a job. The same happens when I go through my clothes and find that most of them don't fit anymore. Then I usually freeze, feel miserable and like a slob :(. If anything this has been the most difficult part of moving to this country. Sometimes I don't even feel like myself anymore, you know.

Look into free activities. There are many museums, art galleries and parks that do not require an entrance fee. Pack snacks or go on picnics to avoid spending money on eating out.

Read more. And spend less time in front of the computer.

Get my driving license.   

Save money for a trip. We need to put money aside every week. This Thanksgiving we were planning to go to New York or Portland or San Francisco. Guess what? We couldn't afford any destination.


Get a much needed haircut. Maybe when I lose some weight, as a reward.

Have you made any New Year's resolutions yet?

How do you keep motivated in order to meet your goals?

Have a happy day, everyone! ;D 


Meli. said...

Ho Miki!! cuantas cosas bonitas, me han encantado tus metas, tan reales y realizables, estoy segura que a finales de 2012 te sorprenderán, y sino llegaran a ser, descubrirás cosas mucho mejores.
Sos una gran persona, estoy segura que este año llegará plagado de bueno momento, y muchos lindos recortes para guardar en la memoria.
De este lado de la pantalla, agradezco haberte conocido, y dejarme ser parte de este espacio. Te mando muchos besos, y un gran abrazo de año nuevo, levantaré la copa a las 12 por nuestra amistad, y para que siempre, todos los sueños se hagan realidad.

lisa said...

Those are all great goals but be sure not to be too hard on yourself! How awesome are you for moving to a new country!! And you are the sweetest :)

Chrissy said...

I haven't written them down, but this post totally inspired me to do the same!
My goals are pretty similar!
Don't be too hard on yourself! Things will fall into place! You will find a job and let's lose weight together! I gained some lbs since moving know I am an emotional eater...stress and misery make me EAT!
Hugs xxx

The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥ said...

you resolutions or "goals" sound FABULOUS!!!! i wish you the very best with each and everyone of them! sending new year hugs to you and yours...

Unknown said...

Hi Miki!
The best of luck with all of your resolutions :)
i definitely need to be healthier in what i eat. im going to try cutting down on fatty food in the new year! :)
i also feel like chopping off my hair... so maybe that will go ahead too! :)
Rosie xo

Mitha Komala said...

i love your new year resolutions dear, i hope all of them will be done by you in 2012 ! and yeah i made mine too :D i love your blog <3

follow me if you love to, and i’ll follow you back :)

Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said...

i think these are great resolutions! i want to you to make them, but don't beat yourself up over them if you don't get there! things take a while! and most of these things are lifestyle changes, and those aren't easy!

Lauren Leggatt said...

I love all your goals, they're so inspiring! love the pictures to go with each goal, they're very pretty! :)

Coquis said...

Good idea to make them public! I may also think about that...
I like the one about Argentina a bit more than the others ;) haha
I hope you can carry all them out throughout 2012... Best luck!