December 09, 2011

Misconceptions about me

I've noticed that when people first meet me in person, they usually get the wrong impression of who I am. My fault, I guess. These are the most common misconceptions about me.

1.- I am extremely shy and don't talk to strangers. Yes and no. The first part is totally true and I find it very difficult to have a conversation with someone who I have nothing in common with. However, I've made many friends in public places such as in concerts. I actually met my best friend Val on Oasis' first performance in Argentina. I guess that knowing there's something I share with the other person gives me the confidence to start a chat. In other social events where I'm actually expected to socialize, I just fail to interact with humans ... like really bad :(.

2.- I never get mad at anybody. I am very patient and I try not to lose it. On the rare occasion that I do get mad, though, people around me are shocked; they can't believe I am able to raise my voice to tell someone off. That's kind of cool if you ask me, because it doesn't take much to let them know I'm pissed and everybody around me usually remains speechless.

3.-  I'm "blank". Have you seen the movie About a Boy? Do you remember when Rachel Weisz tells Hugh Grant (can't remember the names of the characters) that he's just "blank"? I get the impression that that's what people think about me. It's hard for me to open up about private topics to acquaintances; especially because I don't like to waste people's time with my problems.

4.- I am boring and bored with myself. I'd say the first part is true, haha; but the second one is definitely not. I'm not a good entertainer and I like doing things most people would say are boring (they're not boring to me, though). And I am never ever bored. There's always something going on in my head and I keep myself entertained. The song "Mariella" by Kate Nash depicts very well the way I am or used to be during my teenage years. (The part where the song picks up, that's at 1:30min)

5.- I don't have ideas of my own. It's true that I try to avoid controversial topics because I don't like arguing. When it comes to politics or religion, for instance, I can give my opinion, but I never try to impose my personal views on other people. I hate it when they do that to me! I know that chances are with such touchy topics I'm not going to be able to change people's minds and that's fine by me. I know you can't like what you don't know, so I'm more than willing to give information about my beliefs to everyone who asks, but without pushing it, you know. Very few people know that I'm a member of a political party, ha! Well, when I lived in Argentina, anyway.

6.- I know nothing about fashion. Judging by the way I look, I understand you wouldn't believe I know about this topic; and I'm not saying I'm an expert in the fashion department, but I do know quite a bit. Some people are surprised to find out I know about music, too.

7.- I have no sense of humor. Well ... I have to admit that I resent jokes involving burping, farting or wasting food. I love silly humor and I appreciate harsh jokes on TV, though. I looove "The Whitest Kids U'Know", for instance; they make me laugh a lot! :P And I find "The Mighty Boosh" pretty funny, too, hehe.

Are there any common misconceptions about you, guys?

Is there any song which perfectly depicts who you are? I'm curious! ;)

Hope you all have an awesome weekend! ;D


chantilly said...

i LOVE that first picture!!!

Rosie said...

I asked my boyfriend what song summed me up, and he said 'wildflower' by bon jovi, but im not sure about that haha ^_^

common misconceptions about me:
1. that im really young, this is because im teeny tiny (5foot2) and it means that in my university course im the tiniest and get underestimated!

2. that im mean, because i can be a bit sarcastic sometimes! i'm really not mean at all ^_^

3. that im 'tough' because i have piercings and tattoos (HA)

for the record, i never thought you were boring, or blank! :)

Rosie xo

ceci said...

De verdad, pero DE VERDAD, dudo que la gente piense esas cosas de vos. Lo ùltimo que tte falta es brillo, sentido del humor y profundidad.. Ah y y de moda.. sos una de las bloggers con más ondaa!!!