December 21, 2011

Last minute Christmas ideas

So, erm, yes, Christmas is just round the corner; and even though you thought you weren't going to be part of any big celebration or buy any presents, somehow, you ended up buying a little gift here and there and having to prepare a little treat. Are you with me? Good! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one.

So, anyway, I've been browsing the web to look for ideas that are cool (obviously!), preferably inexpensive and not time-consuming ... Because, yes, as silly as it might sound, Christmas has caught me off-guard; whaaat? Yes. Welcome to my life, haha. This always happens to me; my second name is procrastination :/.

This will be my first Christmas celebrating with kids in like ... decades! And my very first one, with nieces :). When David asked "What should we get for the girls?" One thing immediately came to my mind for the little one: a bath bubble make like Katie Sokoler's!

And we did find it! The same one, hooray! David was reluctant at first because it's a toy for babies, as shown in the box, and Breanne's 7; but I'm pretty confident she'll disregard the photo of the toddler and love it right away, haha ... Right??? :/. As for the present for our teenage niece, I'd rather not say what we got because I don't think she reads this blog, but she does have a computer, so ... Shhh :p.

These are some things I think work great as Christmas presents (not necesarily for kids).

No money to buy gifts at all? How about getting candy and putting it in sewn paper puches? Killer presentation! ;)

As for gift wrapping ideas, the following are the ones I think you can pull off the last minute with few resources.

Look at these easy peasy decor ideas!

Are you having people over? Don't waste time or money on buying placemats! Download them and print them for free! Here!

Need to make quick snacks/treats? Don't panic! Here are some recipes that might come in handy ;).

Well, guys, I think that's been enough. I'd better start buying supplies and get down to work!

Good luck with all your Christmas preparations! ;D


Heike said...

Merry Christmas too you and your hubby!
I love the idea of the candy canes as a wrap deco!
We have pics of our wedding posted if you are interested! We are celebrating our first Christmas together! <3
Hugs Heike

mari said...

Ay nooo me mataron las bufandas, una ternurita :)
te mando un besote, una muy feliz navidad para vos y un genial arranque del 2012

Chrissy said...

Ah, love everything, especially the Frida Plum stationary! So pretty! xxx

dulci said...

wow - great ideas!!

ceci a said...

Ayyy todo inspirador!!! El otro día le pregunté a pablo si eramuy infantil comprarme un burbujero y me dijo que sí, y entonces no me lo compré, qué nabaaaaa! D echica amaba la pipa loca! Feliz Navidad hermosísima!

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

I know I told my hubby I didn't want anything for Christmas, but now I'm bummed that there won't be an animal scarf for me under the tree - LOVE!!!

chantilly said...

what wonderful ideas! i especially love the giftwrap and candy pouches!!

merry christmas, miki