December 06, 2011

It's starting to look like Christmas

Well, yes, we couldn't wait till the 8th, which is when we customarily put up the Christmas tree in Argentina. We still need to add some small ornaments to cover the empty branches facing the wall, but I'd say it's 80% done.

I have to admit that I like Christmas. I don't believe in exchanging presents or having crowded parties, though; if anything, to me, the Holidays are a time for introspection.

I hadn't had a Christmas tree for years; ever since my mom passed away, we really didn't feel like doing anything at all. This is my first Christmas here and my very first one with David, too, so it was exciting to get our little tree and put it up together. It felt like the beginning of something, you know :).

We found cheap, yet nice ornaments at Walmart; we bought all of them there, except for the transparent balls that I've filled with paper and pompoms.

Look! My mother-in-law bought Christmas stockings for our kitties, hehe.

As for the rest of the house, we haven't done much. But I kind of went nuts with Christmas vintage books that I wanted to have displayed somewhere in the house. The oldest one is from 1849 :p.

I placed 2 on the counter top in the kitchen.

And most of the rest in our bedroom.

I don't know if you can consider this a proper Christmas decoration, but these books mean a lot to me, so I like seeing them on our dresser :).

I'm planning to do something on our front windows, but I'll leave that for a later post ;).

What about you? Have you started decorating your home yet? (If you care about the Holidays at all)
Do you enjoy this time of the year? ;)


Courtney said...

Miki this post is filled with sentimental sweetness; it melted my heart. I am so sorry to hear that your mother is no longer with you. You are an incredibly strong person to go through all that and be what you are today! I LOVE the Christmas decor you put up. Your tree is darling! The books are so super wonderfully unique, and the homemade ornaments are so much fun. Your personal touch is everywhere and it's beautiful!

Love you girl... so happy to know you!

Lola said...

Love these christmassy pics, getting me into the spirit of things :)

Meli. said...

Amo las decoraciones navideñas!! hace semana que quiero armar el mio, pero me he contenido... mañana pondré fotos!
ha quedado uy lindo tu árbol, tal vez algunas guirnaldas de papel hechas a manos?? cubrirían los espacios, y podrían darle color, sin gastar mucho dinero... una idea tal vez
me encantó la decoración con libros.
creo que cada uno, al armar una familia crea sus propias tradiciones, y los libros podrían ser una exelente decoración en tu época navideña de ahora en adelante!!
muchos besos, y hohoho a la distancia


chantilly said...

we have a little tree like that too! it's not up yet though...

how special that you get to share your first christmas tree since your mother passed with david. must be very comforting.


Jamie said...

All of those vintage books are amazing!! I think your decorations look awesome! =] I finally put my tree up and got it decorated last night!