December 02, 2011

A compendium of weekly somethings (9)

Hello, folks! Yep, it's that time of the week again! And as usual, here's a bunch of somethings that have caught my eye ;).

Something for your car: Camera shaped air fresheners. You can get them here.

Something for nerds: How cool is this series of photos of disassembled devices?!

Something I'd like to do at home: Hang lace curtains! So dreamy! :p

Something for animal lovers: I'd love to wear these felt brooches. You can get them at the MoMA store.

Something for bike lovers: A bicycle travel journal ;).

Something for your dirty laundry: A hamper shaped like a washing machine.

Something for the slightly injured: Dress-up Band Aids.

Something for pizza lovers: A cute pizza pouch.

Something for your table: Don't you love these glass creamers

Something to help you save money: How cute is this wooden piggy bank?! You can place a photo of that object or whatever it is you want to save money for :p.

Hope you're all having a blast! ;D


Corina said...

Hi Miki!
The stuff is really cool! I like all the items but the piggy bank is unique.. don't you think so?
I've just got your letter :D Can't wait to read it! THANKS!
I hope you have a lovely Friday!

ceci said...

Ajjajajja! Genial la funda para lavarroppas con cara d elavarropas limpio y nuevo! =)

Flavia Flanders said...

Amo las Holga, ahora tengo que tener ese aromatizador! jajaja...
Divino el blog eh...

Elle ღ said...

love the glass creamers, so original!


Elle ღ

Jamie said...

Hehe, I giggled at "for the slightly injured". =]

Miki I've been really busy lately adjusting to my new job, and I've just now found a little time to catch up on blogs! I have a Christmas card that's waiting to be written in and mailed to your address! =]