December 26, 2011

Christmas shots

Hello, everybody! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Our Christmas Eve was fun, but then we got sick and totally missed Christmas Day with David's other side of the family :(. We're recovering now, but still not feeling 100%. 

Here are some shots of our Christmas. I realized when I was going through the photos, that there's not a single one of me, haha. But anyway, here they go!

Our table was a mess on Saturday afternoon, because, naturally, I waited till the last minute to wrap the gifts, prepare the treats, etc ... (So, what else is new?!)

In fact, not all the few presents we bought arrived here on time :/, so we had to tell David's dad, "Hey, your present is getting here soon!" And we also wrote a little note for our niece telling her what her present was. Since she's still a teenager, I thought we could at least place the note in a little bear box :p.

Oh, I also made myself a star headband to wear on Christmas Eve. I followed this tutorial.

I made these for David; can anyone even tell what they are? Haha! I had plenty more to make, but didn't have enough time :/.

David made hummus from scratch and I brought some chocolate spoons for the kids.

 I unexpectedly got a lot of presents! Wanna see some?

David remembered I had said I wanted this game last year! :P Can't wait to play it!

Look at all these colorful kitties! :D I'd love to play this game with all of you, cat loving bloggers! :P

I can't believe I got a new coat as a Christmas/birthday present; I really needed a winter coat that fits properly. 

I'm blown away with everything we got! I feel bad now that we didn't buy gifts for everybody :/ ...

As for New Year's, my in-laws are spending the weekend in the desert, but we're not joining them. We've booked tickets to welcome 2012 at Medieval Times :P. So we'll be eating turkey legs with our hands and watching knights fight, haha.

How was your Christmas and what are your plans for New Year's? 

Hope you all have a wonderful week! ;D 


menduca said...

ME encantan las fichas de los gatitos!

Unknown said...

you make the sweetest stuff!!! You have to tell me where you found that game it looks so cute!!

I loved your Christmas card


chantilly said...

oh no, i'm so sorry you got sick on christmas! all your presents look super fun though, and i'm so glad you guys got everything you wanted. i'd love to play the crazy cat lady game :P


lindsi said...

so many lovely christmas pictures! that star headband is pretty! i really like your blog, and i hope you recover from your christmas sickness soon:)

Chrissy said...

Love the pictures! And that star headband is gorgeous! Sorry to hear you got sick! Hope you're feeling better now! That cat game looks so much fun! Hugs xxx

The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥ said...

so so sorry you were sick!!! hope you are feeling better now : ) sending virtual veggie soup your way : ) love the presents and the star band is fabulous! sending holiday hugs...

vero mariani said...

mikiiiiiiii qué buena onda tu navidad corazona!!!! y ademas ame el nuevo diseño del blog :) beso enormeeee linda!

lisa said...

I wish we could find a way to play the crazy cat lady game! That coat is so pretty too. So sorry you got sick, that is the worst, especially when you have fun plans. Glad you are starting to feel better! I might make one of those star crowns for new years...

Coquis said...

Good to know you spent a colorful Christmas and got such loving presents... good on you!
I wish you a fantastic New Year's Eve and New Year's Day as well!!
Keep in touch :)