December 07, 2011

A bunch of thank yous

These past couple of weeks, I've been getting stuff in the mail; things I was expecting to get and things I had no idea were coming my way. Every time I open the mailbox and see envelopes with my name on, I get uber happy! :P As a huge thank you to all the senders, here's this little post ;).

A while ago I bumped into Ivana's blog. I saw this adorable origami frame and contacted her to see if she could make one for me to buy. Not only did she agree to make whatever word I wanted, but she didn't charge me! Instead of making a payment, I sent her a package with some crafty stuff. She sent the frame and not 1 word but 3! :D Unfortunately, the glass broke during the shipping and the word "home" is a little damaged, but I'm sure I'll find a pane for my beautiful frame. I'll say no more since I'm planning a special post about Ivana. I promise you'll hear about her again soon! ;). 

GRACIAS, IVANA! LOVE what you've done and can't wait to hang it on my wall!!!

Oh, my! You can't imagine how happy I was to find out that I'd won Chantilly's giveaway! :D As soon as she told me I was the winner, I talked to someone from Blowfish Shoes and my order was placed right away. I knew there were only a few pairs of my favorite boots, so I was crossing my fingers I'd be lucky enough to get them. And I did! In just a matter of days, my boots came home and I loved them from minute 1; it was love at first sight, haha! :P

THANK YOU, CHANTILLY! I'll be wearing these babies a lot; they're stylish AND comfy! :p

And, hey! Have you contributed to Chantilly's Kickstarter, yet? Don't you want to help this talented indie artist make her dream come true??? Well, good news! You CAN! Just click here and you'll find out how to be a part of it ;).

Yesterday evening, I also got a card from Chantele. She sent a Christmas card and a wooden ornament that is now hanging on our tree. It's so cool to have a musical reindeer that came all the way from Wales! :D


On Saturday, I received this dress from Romwe. But I'm not going to thank them because I paid for it, hehe. In any case, thank you so much Black Friday for such amazing deals. I wore this dress the day I got it; I like it but I don't think it flatters my current shape. All the fabric on the skirt (there's more than needed, trust me) makes me look as if I were pregnant :/. 

Last but not least, my best friend Val sent me an envelope with some things I had requested and she also included these goodies from her recent trip to Japan. I hung the bear on our tree, too :p. It was a very nice surprise! 


Do you like getting things in the mail, too? Silly question, I know, haha :p.

Have you gotten anything recently? Are you waiting to get something you purchased?

Hope you're all having a great week! ;D


Carrie said...

oh gosh girl what good stuff I love getting fun mail!!!

kenzie said...

just wanted to say that you are pretty amazing. yep. thanks for...well, everything. xoxo.

Chrissy said...

Wonderful! getting mail is so much fun! those boots are amazing, can't wait to see you wear them!
Hugs xxx

P.S. You totally deserve all of it!

Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

I got something in the mail for you! I keep the little books on my coffee table :) I contacted Romwe about my dress and they said it was shipped a couple days ago so it'll be a bit before I get it. That little reindeer ornament is so cute!

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

What a fantastic turn of events!! :)

chantilly said...

i'm SO HAPPY you got the boots, yay!! they're fantastic, they're going to look great on you. i can't wait to see an outfit post with them!!

i remember when you posted about ordering that dress... it looks super cute. maybe you could just belt it? it's what i do with all my muu-muu-like clothing. (and wear it with the boots!!)


lisa said...

Wow, what a lucky girl you are to get such fun mail! You picked some great boots- congrats on that win!

Corina said...

Lovely presents, Miki! They are adorable :)
I still haven't been able to send you at least a Christmas card... shame on me :(
I'll see if I can do so in the next few days or if I do so from Europe... what do you think?
I'm open to suggestions!
Have a nice day!