November 03, 2011

Lissa and Audrey

Yesterday evening I got a great surprise, a package from lovely Lissa. A few weeks ago, she had told me she was sending me a book about the Audrey, because I love Audrey; who doesn't? Right? ;) 

When I saw Audrey on the back of the package I got uber exited! :P

To my surprise, I found not 1 but 3 books! Including "How to Be Lovely", which I'd been meaning to buy!

And look at the card! It's a postcard note by Susannah Conway, which I've drooling over, too, ha! :p

Right now, I'm enjoying my morning coffee as I browse through these oh-so-beautiful pages.

What a perfect start to my day! :)

Thank you SO much, Lissa! You're so incredibly kind! I'm thrilled to have all these books with me! :D

Don't hesitate to visit a chance of sunshine, Lissa's blog; she's a great artist and a sweet friend :).

Hope you've all started the day with a big smile! ;D


Chrissy said...

That is so sweet of her! I love jealous!!
Enjoy your new books!
Hugs xxx

Courtney said...

Fun! I LOVE how you photographed the open book with your coffee. Such a cool angle and your dishes are beyond adorable!

amyschmamey said...

Wow. What a great gift! I love your coffee shot!

Lula said...

but your friend Lissa said she is taking a break from blogger

che tenes facebook?

Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said...

how lovely!

i hope your weekend is going well!