November 24, 2011

A compendium of weekly somethings (8)

Hi, there, everybody! Here's another issue of my favorite somethings

Something you can do with your hair    

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Something connected with Thanksgiving: Map of Thanksgiving dinner.

Something made of paper: I think I'll try making these adorable party hats.

Something sexy: I love all these products by Kriss Soonik.

Something you probably don't care about: We finally went to the taping of an episode of The Big Bang Theory and it was awesome! :D Seeing all the actors in person made me happy; too bad cameras or cell phones were not allowed! We were sat facing the couch and were even fed with pizza, water and chocolate :p. Spoiler alert (!): In this episode Leonard stands up to a high school bully; it's very funny.

Something nice to wrap up this post

All right, folks! It's time to start getting ready! We're going to San Diego to spend Thanksgiving with the side of the family that didn't go to the Grand Canyon.

To the ones in the States: Happy Thanksgiving! And hope you find lots of cool stuff on Black Friday!

To everybody on Earth: positive vibes and hugs! ;D



Loveee the first hairstyle! Hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving dear <3

ceci said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaay Miki, piel de gallina! Tengo el Holstee manifesto colgado en casa (se loregalé a Pablo) pero no conocía el video. Buahh es muy emocionante y yo ando muuy sensible. Que pases un hermoso fin de semana en San Diego! c.

Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

Well. After seeing the hair ideas it reminded me...did you decide what you would do with your hair? Are you going to cut it short or keep growing it out?

I told my other half about you going to the Big Bang Theory taping and he was so jealous! We love that show! And you got fed...even better!

Those party hats are super cute!

PS - I got something pretty amazing in the mail from a super awesome girl today...I'm posting about it tomorrow. : ) You are awesome AND the best!

culturafemenina said...

Happy thankgiven!!!The hair styles are adorable and the panties..uuuu

Corina said...

I wish I could do half of that with my hair :( I sometimes find a ponytail difficult :-o lol