November 11, 2011

A compendium of weekly somethings (6)

Yay! The weekend is about to start! Sooo, here's another issue of my favorite somethings ;).

Something handmade: A pair of these slippers is arriving soon and I can't wait! :)

Something you can grow: Postcarden sells very atypical cards; they come with seeds you can sow in the card!

Something magical: Well, not really, hehe. But look! The kitty appears when you fill the bowl :p.

Something you can cook: Here's the recipe to make this mummy meatloaf (if you don't find it too creepy).

Something for the kitchen: I want them all! You can purchase them here


Something to carry your stuff: These Free Time Industries holsters are made with re-purposed leather, hand-oiled canvas and metal fittings; and needless to say they're awesome.


Something to revamp your flip flops: Check out this tutorial to learn how to make these Valentino inspired vacuum belt flip flops.

Something you might wanna try: Especially this time of the year. Here's a tip to make Champagne extra bubbly ;).

Something about bloggers: 

Have a great weekend, everyone! ;D


chantilly said...

awww, the slippies!! i've been needing a pair of those too... i find they're such a cute alternative to thick socks. perhaps i'll grab the mustard pair she has in her shop :)

hope you're having a good friday night, miki! x

miss vintage vixen. said...

That evolution of the blogger poster was so great, oh goodness!

Chrissy said...

Thise ups with the little animals inside are super cute! I want them all as well! haha
Happy weekend! xxx

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

Amazing selection! x hivenn

Prima Humberta said...

Yo tengo unas pantuflas tejidas pero las mías tienen espíritu argentino, con una llamita y todo.

El cat-bowl está buenísimo!

Buen fin de semana!


Bimba Ropa Vintage said...

you always have amazing stuff to show us, congrats!! your blog is adorable,

lisa said...

You find the best stuff! Of course I need that cat bowl and I'm super excited to learn that about bringing the bubbles back with a raisin! Who knew? The flow chart is funny, can't believe how long blogging's been around- I'm really late to the game!
Glad you're feeling better!

Corina said...

Hi Miki!
Another great post! I guess my favorite ones are the cards and the cups ;)
I hope you're enjoying the weekend!

june at noon said...

Oh, my GOSH! Too many cute things to even mention. I especially love those cards with seeds.

Carrie said...

Now that is a whole lot of cuteness!!!! I love the shoes :)


jamie said...

i love it when you do these posts! darn i have missed you girl!! what is up what is new?!? i hope you and david are well sweetie :) im thinking of you!

xx jamie