November 04, 2011

Bad hair ... couple of months

So, my hair has reached a point where it just looks blah. I've been trying hard (really hard) not to get it cut. I've had it short for 2 or 3 years and loved it. Many people told me to let it grow for a change, which I thought was cool; I mean, I do want to see what I look like in maiden braids and experiment with messy buns and funny hairdos. The thing is it's taking forever to grow and this in-between stage just sucks. I know it's a stupid thing to complain about ... But doesn't every girl have the right to rant on about vain things every now and then? ;)

For those who haven't known me long, here are some pictures from a few years back.

August - October 2007
 I had bangs from the day I was born to late 2007. That year I had some locks dyed fuchsia (although it looked red when the color wore out).

March 2008
No, I didn't wear chickens on my head on a regular basis, hehe.

September - October 2008
Earlier that year, I had it cut really short

I kept my hair more or less the same for the next couple of years. 

 November - December 2009

 January - August 2010

November 2010
I think I stopped going to the hair salon around this time.

I really miss how easy it was to have short hair ... Not having to use the flat iron practically every day! The thing is I have never been to a hair salon here, so I really don't know where to go and who to trust. Plus, I've put on weight and I have a rounded face, so I'm afraid short hair will make my face look even fatter. 

So, what do you think? Should I have my hair cut short again? Or should I let it grow till I'm able to do this?

Happy Friday, everyone! ;D


Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

Well miss. I've been somewhat cursed...I try to be positive about it now so let's say I've been blessed with a round face. I was always not sure about short hair for the same reason. But then I realized I just prefer short hair. If you end up hating it you can always grow it out or keep it pinned back so it doesn't frame your face. You looked SUPER cute with short chin length bob. (The Novemeber-December and January-August 2010 photos)

Good luck with the hair decision!! I know it can be a pain! I'm sure you will look great no matter what you decide though. :)

Lindsey said...

I think if you're undecided then don't do anything about your hair just yet. Continue to let it grow and mull over your options, you might decide exactly how you want your hair soon! Personally, I think that length is really cute.

Mínima said...

ME ENCANTA como te quedaba el pelo corto.

Yo lo tengo corto hace 15 años y no lo abandono por nada del mundo.

Besos muchos!

chantilly said...

finding a good hairdresser who understands your hair is sooo hard. i think i've finally found one, myself. but i think the best way to do so is to get out there and experiment!

for instance, i like to try and pull off the whole indie rock goddess vibe with my hair. so i went on a recommendation who said that this specific salon did that sort of thing. and i was thrilled with the results!

maybe try and think about what type of haircut you want/ how you want to be seen, and see what salons are out there that cater to that style :)

Bimba Ropa Vintage said...

tus looks me matan!!

April said...

I'm in the awkward stage of regrowth and I know where you are coming from. That said, if my hair looked half as good as the pic of you in the pink shirt I'd never grow it out again!
Either way, your gorgeous. :) Hope your frustrations end soon.

ceci said...

Hola MIkiii! Me gusta más como te queda corto! Con raya al medio o al costado. INcluso si lo cortás un poquito más en la zona de la nuca que adelante vas a ser una femme fatal! Tenés la carita justa y el pelo para hacerlo! Aprovechá! Las trenas como esas solo podes hacerlas una vez al año! Te lo idgo qyo que tengo el pelo largo.... Un beso enorme!

Julie said...

Lady, you're adorable either way ;)

Laura said...

I love the shot of you in the pink shirt with a short haircut, and the short bob is also really cute! But it is totally up to you.

I've had hair of all lengths and now that it has been long for 4 years I am scared to ever cut it again! LOL

I understand your dilemma! ;)


Jamie said...

You look so cute with short hair!! I'm the opposite...I've always had really really long hair, and right now I'm pretty sick of it. Part of me wants to just chop it off, but I'm afraid I'd miss my long hair too much. I cut it to my chin once and i remember that awkward inbetween stage and I hated it! I hope you can find a good resolution to the problem!

Meli. said...

si te cortàs un poquitito, sòlo un poquito las puntas el pelo toma màs fuerza...
eso y plantarlos en tormenta de santa rosa... pero quien sabe....

lisa said...

Ahh the dreaded in between stage! Of course you look cute either way, even in the chicken hat stage :) I would probably wait to cut it until you know for sure, that way you don't regret it!
Have a good weekend!

Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said...

i like the short hair on you. i think you'd look adorable with bangs and short bob. but i used to have bangs when i was little too. so i grew them out. now i love them again. haha.

Amanda said...

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good luck :)
-Eric's Amanda.