November 10, 2011

Back on track

Happy Thursday, everyone! We're getting closer to the weekend, yay! And I think I got my mojo back, haha. I'm feeling much better than a couple of days ago thanks to your lovely comments ;); they really cheered me up, so thanks a million! ;D

In order to switch my mood and get inspired, I changed our whiteboard in the kitchen/dining room. I don't know why but whenever I need to get productive, I always put up something colorful on the wall to help me focus ... Does it make any sense?

Right now, I'm feeling shades of green, blue, red and purple; not sure they make a good match, though, but whatever.
Color, light and music always give me the boost I need to get started in whatever it is I'm working on. That's why I put on some loud tunes as I put up the board. The first song in my track list? "Booty Swing" by Parov Stelar. Ever since I saw this TV commercial, that song got stuck in my head. 
Btw, now I totally regret not having visited The Cosmopolitan when we were in Vegas, haha.

Next up, some Camera Obscura, Kate Nash and Leo Garcia. But now that I'm about to start studying, I'll play something quieter such as Ingrid Michaelson, Lisa Mitchell, Belle & Sebastian and  Entre Rios/Isol. I'm not into She & Him these days ... I guess I'm not cool anymore, ha! :p
What do you guys do when you need to get into creative/productive mood?
What music do you listen to when you need inspiration?
Is there any song stuck in your head right now? 

Please, do share! ;D


Dawn said...

I really like that mood board! That's so pretty. I'm intrigued the by the clothes that you cut out and pasted to the board. I also think that paint swatches are a wonderful thing to decorate with!

As for inspiration? Hmm. I look at a lot of photo blogs, I guess. I always enjoy picking up my camera and snapping a photo--of something, anything--to remind me of that day, that part of life, that moment.

As for music? Well, I'm a half-hipster, admittedly, so I listen to a lot of "The Flowerchild Dwelling" music. She has a "Monday Music" meme that I tune in to every week.

Pretensiones Petit said...

The things that you do are incredible amazing, I really like them!
What inspires me?? I think that food does! Of course!
Thank you very much for your comments (do I have to write in english, I´m afraid of making a lot of embarassing mistakes.. jejej!)

Carrie said...

I love the mood board I think I need to make one of those like right now


northwest is best said...

What a lovely collage! It definitely brightens up the room. I keep listening to Friendly Fires at the moment - I love them.

eli said...

Hola Miki! sin duda música, y lo que más escucho estos días es Jesse Cook, buscalo en you tube, es una mezcla de flamenco jazz, muy interesante y copado!
Que tengas buen finde!!!

ceci said...

Hi MIki
I read blogs (like yours, which is in my INspiration list)
Listen to music, always... something quiet, deep. like Bob Dylan or Bruce Springteen..
I buy flowers
I drink a wine
Light a "sahumerio" jajaj
don t know... good question!!!!
Good weekend for you! Glad you feel better!

two birds said...

i love that board...what a great idea! to get in a creative mood...well, shopping always seems to work for me!

Isabel, Wake up & smell the azahar said...

I can't get a Robbie Williams' song ("Feel") out of my head these days. Have a nice weekend ;)

Michelle Clement said...

Ooh - it's so colorful!! :) Lovely!