November 21, 2011

5 awesome blogs from 5 different countries

I've realized that it's been a while since I last shared my favorite blogs with you. If you're a new follower and are curious to see the ones I've already talked about, you can click herehere and here.

So, these are some kick-ass blogs from 5 different countries ;). * Click on titles to be linked to the blogs.

Honestly ... WTF from the USA/Spain
If you like DIYs and fashion, you can't miss Honestly ... WTF! I've been pinning most of Erica and Lauren's projects on Pinterest; they're just rad! You can learn how to make a Peter Pan collar, pom pom necklaces, Miu Miu sneakers, etc.

People Webs from the USA.
I love Lindsi's style, photos, aesthetic and the products she makes and sells on her Etsy.

Hello Sandwich from Japan. 
If you like packaging and color as much as I do, you'll love Hello Sandwich.

Goodnight Little Spoon from Australia.
If you still haven't met Bianca, what are you waiting for?! Her blog is eye candy, seriously. She has a great sense of style, amazing taste for music and the most creative ideas; she is a great source of inspiration to me.

Alma Singer Take Me Out from Argentina. 
This one is for Spanish speakers only, but Vero does speak English, so you can totally go and say hi to her :). If you live in Buenos Aires or are planning to go there, you'll find this blog super useful. Vero lists all the best coffee houses and restaurants in the city; and I'm so planning to visit the ones that opened after I left! :) She also owns Alma Singer, where she features Argentina's coolest artists/crafters.

What are some of your favorite blogs at the moment? ;)

Happy Monday! Hope y'all have an amazing week!


lindsey said...

I love the Hello Sandwhich blog, especially her photos of random things around Tokyo, so cute ^^

Julie said...

Fantastic! I love discovering new blogs - especially ones from different countries!

lisa said...

Thanks for the tips, I love finding new blogs! So much good stuff out there & not enough time! :)

vero mariani said...


ahí resucité... gracias bonita! gracias gracias! y hello hello sandwich jajaajaj me mató! muy buenos todos.



ceci said...

Eeeeeeeeeeeehh qué buenas recomendaciones! ME encantaron Miki! Claro que Take me out lo recontraconozco, igual que a su anfitriona, genia, Vero Mariani.. pero los demás son una novedad y de verdad lucen muy bien! Me voya chusmearlos. Besos enormessss!

Sandy a la Mode said...

ohh this is soo neat! i love discovering international blogs!! :D

The Midwest Muse said...

I'm going to check out every one of these!