October 10, 2011

Time management

Hello, folks! Hope you've all started the week off with a big smile! It's Columbus Day here, so I've been home all day. David, on the contrary, had to go to work. Honestly, I'd planned to spend this day more actively than I actually am :/, which makes me ask myself the following question: Why can't I ever seem to manage time wisely? I'm jobless, so I have all the time in the world to do whatever I want. And yet, I don't seem to make the most of it. I hate being a procrastinator and I'm planning to change that.

Since it's not so easy to change a lifelong attitude (at least not to someone like me), I've come up with some goals or guidelines in order to help myself do a better job at managing my time. Does any of you have the same problem, by the way?

* Set at least a goal a day. Write it down in my journal the day before. It doesn't have to something great, just something productive.

* Turn on the computer only twice a day. I tend to constantly check blogs, e-mails and pin pictures on Pinterest. I figured it'd be a good idea to only use the computer twice a day and set a time limit. 
This excludes using the computer to look for work and complete assignments for the online curse I'm currently taking. 

* Turn on the TV only to watch the programs I really care for. Play music or the radio for background noise instead of having the TV on; I easily get distracted by it :/.

* Do not get involved in unnecessary activities that end up becoming chores.

* Write down everything I eat. I know this doesn't look like it belongs in the list, but I've noticed that when I'm unhappy with what I eat (i.e. when I get that feeling right after I know I've eaten too much; maybe you've had it too?), I feel even worse about myself, which leads to a negative attitude and procrastination. 

* Reward myself when I meet the goals I've set. It doesn't have to be something great, just something I enjoy.

* Try to work out at least 3 times a week. I used to stick to this schedule but when I got sick 2 weeks ago, I stopped this routine and haven't cared to jump on the treadmill again. I believe that exercising will make me feel better, which in turn will bring more energy to my body and a better attitude.

Do you have any other tips I can use? ;)

Have you ever felt like a total procrastinator?

Hope you all have an amazing week! :D


Laura said...

These are all good tips! I definitely make a list for myself to help keep track of the "must do's" and the "want to do's". I love to accomplish things and then cross them off the list!

I also turn the TV and put music on when I really want to get things done. This way I'm not sucked into the TV for hours.

Good luck! :)


Carrie said...

I am a list maker for sure I think these are all good tips. I need to make myself get off the computer more I waste alot of time on it Good luck my friend


Vix said...

I'm a HUGE procrastinator, I must say. I've the same problem you have and can't seem to change that. I'm also jobless and have all day for myself. I can't get myself to get up early, can't get myself to finish my course asignements on schedule. I spent zillions of hours on the net, creating stuff for my blog but... never feels like it's enough.
I have a planner and write down my "to do's" daily, and torture myself to do all of them, even if they are silly things like "buy bread".
My worst adiction and distraction is internet. But at the same time it's my best source for inspiration and creativity. So... procrastination, BRING IT ON!

(no sé por qué escribí todo eso en inglés si vos hablás castellano! Conoci tu blog via Alma Singer. besos! Vix)

Chrissy said...

Great tips...I tend to procastinate as well...most of the time I force myself to do what need to be done...otherwise this thing called family probably wouldn't work...haha

Hugs, sweetie xxx

Bimba Ropa Vintage said...

me encanto el candy apple!!!
gran idea gran

Rosie said...

i have succhhh trouble not doing what i meant to do during the day, it just gets to the end of the day and i wonder where its all gone?!
i also get distracted by the tv - just today i was doing a uni task and it took me 2 hours when it could have only taken me half an hour cos i kept getting distracted by the tv!!!!!
Rosie xo

Heike said...

The TV thing helped me a lot. Actually I am only watching TV as a treat to reward myself!

The work outs have to be fun not actual "work". Then it is easier to stick to the routine. We go for runs after work and we enjoy the beautiful houses and friendly people in the neighborhood. We also have a "friend cat" now which we like to visit on our way running. It is just nicer to say: Hey, let's visit Kiddie, instead of: Hey, let's work out! :)
Have a wonderful week dear!

ceci said...

I really really do undesrtand you. I don t tend to proscatinate, but I do distract very easily. I discvered recently that most of it has to do with anxiety. Reading your post i found out that you re a bit anxious too, and it s totally understandable if you re not working!!! In addition, computer doesn t help at all. I think your new goals are perfect. I wouldn t add anything. Good luck!!! (And sorry for my english!) c.

chantilly said...

i know what you mean : / i've had a lot of time lately too, and i feel like it slips away from me...

Isi, Wake up & smell the azahar said...

Really like the post & undesrtand what you said. It's the same for me, even in holiday when I have lots of free time, I never manage to make the most of the time. I think your advice are pretty useful. I've use some of them to be productive & they work quite well for me. I'll try the others. Thanks for sharing!

Corina said...

It usually happens to me that the more free time I have, the less I get organised :(
If you ate what I ate at the weekend, I strongly recommend avoiding the item "write down everything I eat", since that would take 24 hours a day! haha

Jamie said...

I am SUCH a procrastinator and I hate it about myself. I think your tips are all great! Good luck, Miki! <3