October 27, 2011

Meet Courtney!

Happy Thursday, everybody! Today I want you to meet my pal Courtney. I got to know her a couple of months ago through a giveaway I won and we've been talking ever since. She's a pianist, a blogger and has a very sweet soul. Don't hesitate to check out her blog and say hi ;)! Thanks, Courtney for this surprise! :P

Hello dear readers of Miki's Scrapbook,

My name is Courtney from Feminine. Unique. New. Something wonderful happened to me yesterday that gave me a brilliant idea. Do I have any snail mail lovers out there? 

I would venture to guess that everyone loves getting letters from a friend, the more unexpected the better! And so I'm writing to tell you to be the writer and send someone you love a special note, a picture, a collection of cute items, or something simple you know they'll love.

Someone did that for me yesterday and it made my day. Can you guess who? Yes, it was the lovely author of this adorable blog. Thank you Miki for the package, the awesome music, the cute bookmarks, and the sweet note you sent me.

I am blessed to call you friend. 


Heike said...

Hi Courtney! *wave

Courtney said...

Hello Heike! I LOVE your name! I recently met another woman who shares your name and instantly loved it. So nice to meet you also.

p.s. Miki, it's fun to see me here!

Abigail said...

Love this!!

artnoise said...


Corina said...

Hey Courtney,
It's nice to read your post and to get to know the "surprise mail" made you smile.
I'll visit your blog soon :)
Greetings from Argentina :)