October 05, 2011

A day at the library

Happy midweek, everybody! It's raining here in SoCal, which makes me happy! :) I hadn't seen rain for quite a long time, so it was fun to put on my good old rain boots again to go to the library.

There was plenty of work to do today because once again, we got huge amounts of books from the Pomona Fair (some days, county fairs accepted books instead of charging an entrance ticket). Can you believe most of these books were brand new?! Why people get rid of books so soon is beyond me, but I won't complain; I've been adding lots of interesting titles to our still nonexistent bookcase, haha.

Did you know that there are several "Chicken Soup for the Soul" books? These are the ones I saw today. I remember seeing lots more a few days ago.

There are also many different types of dictionaries I didn't know existed.

I bought this one today. Funny thing, it's from England, hehe.

I'm seriously considering getting this one tomorrow, but I'm not sure ... It's 1278 pages; I'm thinking I should get all the novels in separate books instead.

Kitty books! :p

And something funny happened to me on my way back ... Well, not that funny. Before I got to the exit door I realized I'd forgotten my umbrella downstairs but was about to lose my bus (it only comes every hour), so I decided to leave without it. What kind of dork forgets an umbrella that was especially placed on top of her bag not to forget it when it's still raining??!! Bah! Anyway, this is how I looked when I got home.

I got soaked! But that's all right, because I spotted this cutie before anyone else. It is seriously the cutest book that I ever did see! :D

Hope you're all having a nice day! ;D


Laura said...

What a fun day at the library! Looks like you got some great books. I love Jane Austen...that treasury book looks great....and long. ;)

Susan Branch stuff is the cutest!

Hope you are having a great week.

Laura :)

Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

What fun...I bet you stumble across so many interesting books! I would probably get the Jane Austen book...I like condensed books when there are so many you'd have to buy. During the really rainy season here in Florida I came home looking like I swam in the ocean fully dressed. You can't help but laugh and take photos afterwards!

Carrie said...

looks just like our work room lol! I am going to have to check on that last book looks cute!

I love your boots

Courtney said...

A rainy day and lots of good books. I don't think life could get any better!

swellmayde said...

wow! what a fun day at wk!! great little surprises... and omg! i used to read chicken soup for the soul...

take care, aimee

diy blog: swellmayde

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

Cute selection! x hivenn

Lisa {A Piece of Lisa} said...

Looks like a really fun day! A good book on a rainy day is all you need right? And you look cute in your rain outfit! :)

chantilly said...

i had that chicken soup for the college soul book! a looong time ago...

that summer book looks soo cute, omg.

Anonymous said...

I have that Jane Austen book. I got it as a present (I already had all the separate books.) I kept the collection and donated my separate books - it really freed up space on my book shelf!

Jamie said...

How FUN! I would love to dig through all of thoes books! I'm sorry that you got soaking wet!

Anonymous said...

Great post! Just found your blog and I love it!