October 08, 2011

A compendium of weekly somethings

Happy long weekend to everyone in the Americas! And happy normal weekend to everyone else! ;) I'm here today to introduce what might end up being a regular feature in this blog. I've always liked lists, so I thought I could show you a little bit of everything by using this format. "A Compendium of Weekly Somethings" will include pictures, brief explanations, pieces of news, etc. It will let me show things I've seen in blogland and in real life. I usually bump into amazing pictures and blogs but I never publish them because it's difficult to group them in a single category or post, but not any more! ;)

Something great: Yesterday I was featured in Alma Singer, run by the amazing blogger and my new friend, Vero. She has several blogs which have become part of my daily readings and most importantly, she has the biggest heart. But I won't tell you much about her just now, because I'm preparing a special post about her ;). Thank you so much, Vero, for such a nice post! And another huge thanks to all the ones who visited my blog after reading hers! :D
Alma Singer is in Spanish, but Vero speaks English as well; so don't hesitate to drop by! ;) 

Something I've learned from David: gingivitis can cause heart attacks.

Something I didn't learn from David: cookies do not grow in the oven. Last Sunday I baked cookies for the first time (not my own recipe, just the mix that comes in a box); right before I put them in the oven I showed him what they looked like and he said something along the lines of, "No! They'll grow and they'll stick together making a huge single cookie". I believed what the man said so I split them, but they never grew, haha!

Something worth saying publicly: Happy birthday, Cori! :D You're an amazing friend, a great professional and one of the kindest people I know. I totally look up to you and wish I could be a little bit more like you. Hope you have a blast today! You deserve the very best!!!

Something gross or cute: (you be the judge!) Our cats roll on the dirt or grass every time they see us outside.  They usually look really messy right after :/.

Something yummy: If you like cooking or if you simply enjoy going through pretty pictures of food, don't miss Spoon Fork Bacon

Something I snapped with my cell phone: Can you see that thing falling from the clouds on the right? That's rain far away. This totally reminded me of the countryside :).

Something new: this was my first pumpkin spiced seasonal product. I've been craving this beer ever since I saw it on Lindsey's blog and coincidentally, one of David's friend brought it home last night :).

Something funny:    

So what's up on your end? ;D

Have a great weekend!


lisa said...

I LOVE pumpkin beers-- I haven't tried the Blue Moon one yet!

Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

Yum! I love the regular Blue Moon...I bet the pumpkin spice is delicious. Awwww...Dimitri looks so cute rolling around in the dirt haha. I love the "after" photos of the roll around. I love your compendium of weekly somethings...honestly I had no idea what compendium was until your post! Can't wait for the next list of random : )

Courtney said...

You are so cute! Every time I come over here and read what you've wrote, I smile!

Chrissy said...

Yummy cookies! Love lists as well, can't wait for a fun new feature! Hugs xxx

lissa said...

love that sign. I wish I can use that when I'm a bad mood and people keep stepping on my toes.

Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

Oh, I love that picture of the rain! So cool.

Corina said...

Hi Miki!
Thank you so much for the birthday wishes :) I had a fantastic weekend and will send you some pics soon!
This is a very nice post - I liked reading it :)
Have a nice week!