October 26, 2011

Blast from the past

Yesterday my mother-in-law picked me up from the library and I spent the day at my parents-in-laws' house. By the end of the evening, she gave me a big box containing little old treasures because she thought we should have them now :).

It has lots of things David made for her as a child as well as report cards, diplomas and his baptism's clothes.

I'm thrilled to have all these things with us now! :) I couldn't have possibly brought my little relics from my childhood, so it's nice to have at least David's.

 Drawn way before Napoleon Dynamite, hehe.

Since this is a post dedicated to the past, I thought I could also show you these crappy pics of me when I was 3 and 4. Can you tell it's me? Haha.

And this is one of my favorite photos of my mom; it was taken when she was in her early twenties. My sister and I found it after she passed away.

Do you keep stuff from when you were kids?

I'm now thinking it'd be a nice idea to bring some of mine when I go back to Buenos Aires to visit :).

Hope you're all having a great week! ;D


Scorpio78 said...

I think we all keep those stuffs, those memories that remind us the places where we've lived, maybe merrier times (when we were just playing games, and not caring about anything else), when we were younger and 'innocent'.

I have birthdays souvenirs in boxes, photo albums, toys (like PlayMobil), among other things. Who doesn't? Who Doesn't?!!! Err.. Uhmm. Sorry. I got carried away by those good old memories. Back to the Present! Back to Reality!!!

Carrie said...

How cool! Yes I have a lot from my childhood my first teddy bear from my daddy, my first doll and quilts my grandmother made :)


Chrissy said...

That is so sweet of her. These things are so special. I keep all sorts of things...have some boxes filled with my stuff, Stefan's and, of course, tons of Leonie's things!!
Hugs xxx

Laura said...

What a cute bunch of stuff!

Yes, my mom kept stuff from when I was little like art work, homemade cards, etc..I'm sure she has old report cards too...I just have no idea where she put it all! ;)

Hope you are having a good week.

Laura :)

Jamie said...

Those pictures of you at 3 and 4 are SO cute! =] I love old keepsakes and I am very thankful to have lots of mine. I have a big tub full of clothes that I wore, another tub full of my old toys from my childhood, and tonssss of photo albums full of pictures.

Ana said...

your mom´s picture is beautiful

lisa said...

I love looking at childhood stuff! That drawing is really awesome!! What a cool picture of your mom!

Corina said...

Hi Miki!
I like this post very, very much!
I do keep A LOT of stuff from my childhood, some of which are "Little Treasures". It's a pity not to have so much space to keep them all.
You should definitely take some of that stuff with you to your current house when you come to BA.
I hope you're having a nice day!