October 24, 2011

Annual sale

Hello, everybody! Hope you've started the week with a smile! This past Saturday we had the big annual sale at the library; it was a lot of work to move all the material from one place to the other and back to the warehouse, but it was a success, so it was all worth it :p.

I was surprised to find that people were no longer interested in best sellers such as "Eat, Pray, Love", all the "Twilight" books, and all of Sue Grafton's to name just a few. I guess readers get their favorite titles as soon as they are released and they get rid of them just as fast; we have a large number of best sellers that are quite new.

And I was not surprised at all to see that we're still stuck with lots of books by Baldacci, Cussler and Patterson, haha. We sold lots of videos, audio books and encyclopedias, which is great because they take up a lot of space.

I spent a total of $4 on stuff for myself :p. I finally decided to get the book with all of Jane Austen's novels.

I also bought 2 audio books: "The Metamorphosis and other stories by Franz Kafka" and "The Odyssey". I have over 10 hours to listen to :p.

I got the latest issues of Vogue, Allure and the July issue of Elle.

As for the rest of my weekend, well, I got sick again (so what else is new?!) :/. We did grocery shopping and I couldn't help bringing these mini pumpkins with me, hehe. Does anybody know how long and at what temperature I am supposed to bake them? ;)

David barbecued beef, chicken and corn and we drank Guinness.

We started looking into colors to repaint our bedroom walls because they're a bit too dark. So far, light blue is our stronger candidate.

And last but not least, we spotted these 2 little fellas in our garden, hehe.

So what did your weekend consist of? ;)
Hope you have a wonderful week! ;D 



Heike said...

We BBQ-ed as well, had friends over and such! It is in my blog entry and if you hit the Google translator button you might be able to read it!
Have a wonderful week!

chantilly said...

awww, mini pumpkins and magical mushrooms!! i think blue will be a good choice for your bedroom :)

Carrie said...

Oh gosh Patterson and Parker we have some many patrons check those out I like the light blue

ceci said...

Qué buenas adquisiciones en la librería! Me encantarn! Qué onda los libros con audio?! Creo que no les tendría paciencia!!! Están buenos? También me encantaron sus dos nuevos amiguitos en el jardín, jajajJ! Los mini zapallos son un amor! Al horno a 180 grados envueltos en papel de alumnio no deberían llevar más de media hora! Y ni siquiera los tenés que pelar! Apenas una lavada con cepillo. Besotes Miki!

Corina said...

Congratulations on the sale result! Aren't you tempted to buy more books than you could possibly read? I think that would happen to me...
My weekend was fine :) I had a First Aid lesson on Saturday, did some shopping, had a friend's birthday on Sunday and had some time off to relax.
I hope you have a very nice week!

blouse said...

thanks so much for the card you sent! we just loved it!!


Courtney said...

It came!!!! Just got the package in the mail today. You made my day Miki. It's been a few years since I received snail mail for no other reason than "just because." You are such a sweetie! I can't wait to listen to the cd. I'll be sure to tell you what I think.

p.s. Adorable post by the way, again! I'm excited to see your newly painted bedroom walls! Light blue sounds nice and relaxing and a little romantic. Could be a great choice!

Prima Humberta said...

Hola Miki!
Que buena esa venta de fin de año! yo me hubiese comprado todo! aunque sea solo por la portada! Acá ,los libros usados no los venden tan baratos, me da una bronca!

Me encanta el azul claro (celeste?) para el dormitorio!

SamanthaJoy said...

I love library book sales. I have possibly filled my bookshelves purely from these sales!

Btw. I have passed on the Versatile Bloggers Award on to you today. I really, really love your blog!

If you'd like to have a look at the post:

XO Samantha