October 06, 2011

Annoying facts about me

- I'm always taking pictures of the food I order in restaurants; can't help it.


- Actually, I'm always ready to take pictures anywhere. I never leave the house without at least one camera; you never know when you might find something worth snapping, right? ;)

- When it comes to ice cream, I have no self control. When we go to the grocery store (or Rite Aid, they have good deals on ice cream!) and David asks if I want ice cream, I usually say, "No, I shouldn't.", so he gets a container for himself and I finish it the next day :(.

-  I get ridiculously pissed when someone messes up with my hair.

- I hate Starbucks and similar chains. Indie coffee shops are a much more enjoyable experience to me. Who on Earth thinks drinking coffee with difficult names served in a plain ugly paper cup is a good idea?! In California, you can't find an original good coffee/tea house unless you go to Hollywood or Pasadena; it's frustrating ...

- I can't stand it when people use the words IPhone or Blackberry to refer to their cell phone. Using this or that brand does not make me proud. 
Don't get me wrong Steve Jobs' disciples, I do acknowledge you have the best apps.

- I use too much toilet and tissue paper.

- When something or someone pisses me off, it takes me a long time to get over it.

- I can't schmooze. Sometimes people think I have no interest in getting to know them but that's rarely the case; I'm just shy.

- Even though we studied the reproductive system in primary school, I don't think I understood what sex was all about until I was 12 or 13, probably.

- I never believed in Santa Claus, the Magi or the tooth fairy. I don't remember ruining it for other kids, though.

Is there any annoying fact about you you can share with me? ;)

Hope you're all getting ready for the weekend? ;D


Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

I love you Miki! Your posts are always so great...whether they are funny, serious, educational...I love em' all! I love your honesty.
There are Starbucks everywhere in Jacksonville, FL have to go downtown or in that area to find any non-chain coffee shops and that is a good 45 minute drive for me!
It drives me crazy when people or the wind mess with my bangs..just because they are hanging in front of my face doesn't mean you should touch them!
Heck...I don't even call my cell phone a cell phone...I just call it my phone haha.
Annoying fact about me? I talk about cats more than anyone should and I have a tendency to sing things...just make a sentence into a song. I get odd looks sometimes because of it!

Great post girlie!

Lindsey said...

Haha, many of those things apply to me as well. I guess something annoying about me (or that I have to deal with) is I have a "chronic bitch face" - People get the wrong idea about me constantly because I tend to look pissed off no matter what my mood is :[

Chrissy said...

Love this!
I, too, hate it when people touch my hair! HATE IT!
And, I get the iphone blackberry thing....must admit, I do it, too...shame on me, but not to impress anyone, there is really no reason...
Have a wonderful day!

Heike said...
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Heike said...

ce cream! I am addicted even though I have been able to manage NOT to finish an entire pint lately.
The Blackberry and I Phone thing I hate too. I do not own a smart phone and I am not going to any time soon.
I get annoyed by bad smelling people. For me there is almost nothing worse than a smelly person right next to me in the bus! :( And you can see it on my face that I am pissed about that! I get "angry looks" back sometimes! :(
Weird isn't it?

eli said...

Hola Miki! vengo del blog de Vero Mariani donde hoy sos la estrella :)
Varias de tus cualidades aplican para mí también, en especial la del helado y la del pelo!!
Me quedo recorriendo tu blog, y te dejo un beso!!

Corina said...

I also use too much toilet paper - but isn't it better than using too little? ;) haha
I'm not usually able to delegate things, which sometimes pisses me off - since it means more work for me :-o
If other examples come to my mind, I'll write again.

chantilly said...

i'm horrible at schmoozing as well (or "smooching" as my boyfriend says... he's always accidentally mispronouncing the word...) i wish i was better at it, but i hate feeling like i'm only trying to get to know a person just to get something from them : /

lisa said...

I hate chain restaurants and coffee shops! I would've thought that cali would be full of indie coffee shops! I can't schmooze at all either :)