September 15, 2011

Things to look forward to this fall

I'm not going to lie to you: I hate winter. And I also hate this time of the year when summer starts saying goodbye. I always get this weird feeling right before fall begins; it's something I can feel in my stomach and in my heart. I can't avoid getting melancholic when I notice days are getting shorter and I fear that now that I'm far away from home, that feeling is going to be worse.

That's the reason why I decided to make a list of all the things I'm looking forward to this fall. I plan on focusing on the pros rather than the cons ;). I have plenty of reasons to be happy, so I'll try not to spoil it with my apocalyptic thoughts that have actually not reason to be.

First off, though, it's just dawned on me that I have not been bitten by a single mosquito this summer, which to me is kind of epic. Being used to living in hot and wet Buenos Aires, that's totally unprecedented (if you've met me in person, you probably know I have lots of scars in my legs caused by mosquito bites and chicken pox). Secondly, it gets chilly at night here in Cali, yes, even in summer! 2 reasons to embrace this season again next year! ;P

As for my goals this fall, probably the most important one is to try to find a job, as you might have guessed. But I won't bore you with that story all over again, let me just elaborate on my other funner goals ;p. 
* I'm really happy to finally be in the mood for decorating the house. It's amazing how having gotten my residency has changed my mindset. I feel relieved and ready to splash this pretty house with a little bit of my personality :p. As you might have noticed from the pics above, we've started by changing the bed covers! :p The day the Missoni line was launched at Target, we got these cool Missoni covers. I was curious to try on some pieces of clothing, but we went at night and there was nothing my size then. I'm glad I didn't find any clothes, though, because I really love these covers. I love purple!

Our bed before

Our bed now

We're also in the process of choosing a different color to repaint the bedroom walls. Oh, and we've covered an ugly hole on the kitchen wall by means of a whiteboard that will soon be replaced by a bigger chalkboard :).

The hole on the wall

Our temporary whiteboard

The cool thing is that we can stick magnets on the board. Can you see Che Guevara on the bottom right? He's wearing a He-Man outfit, hehe. It's a magnet set with different outfits I bought in Argentina for David.

* This fall I can't wait to see the new seasons of The Big Bang Theory, The Office and Parks and Recreations. I'm also curious about new TV series New Girl. 

* Halloween is not celebrated in Argentina, so this will be my first time experiencing it. Stores are already stocking their shelves with orange and scary stuff; it looks like fun ;p. I'm into learning more about Thanksgiving, too.
* Music always brightens me up, so I'm looking forward to going to concerts. We're seeing Emilie Simon live in October. I still haven't listened to many of her songs, but David really likes her, so I'm happy about it.

* I've never eaten pumpkin pie; I wouldn't mind having a slice right now, hehe :p.

* I've missed my winter clothes, to be quite honest. So I'm not sad at all to be dusting them off and getting ready to wear them again ... Indoor picnics on warm blankets sounds kind of enticing, too, hehe.

I'm sure I'm missing a few other things, but this list will do for now.

So, what are you looking forward to this fall? 
Hope you're having fun! ;D


lissa said...

I used to always called it fall but now I prefer autumn - it sounds more uplifting. I don't might the cold as summer in NY is oh so hot.

I neither celebrate halloween nor thanksgivinging but I like seeing all the store and house decorations.

at the moment, the only thing I'm looking forward to is some quiet time to finish some projects.

hope you're having a lovely day.

Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

I love your bed set! Very colorful...your house (from what I've seen of it) is cute! I love the little blue vases on your dining table.
I can't wait for Parks and Recreation!! Me and my other half just love it! I'm kinda excited about The New Girl too...I think it's gonna be cute.
I love your positivity about the upcoming change of seasons!

Carrie said...

Fall is cool and Halloween is the best I think you will love it!

Rosie said...

i LOVE halloween! its a massive oppurtunity for a party here! :D
i also love wearing cosier clothes :)
Rosie xo

choco.pop said...

Spring is just around the corner here in Argentina, so I guess I'll tell you what I'm waiting in this season xD

- Blooming cherry trees
- Plums!

And that's pretty much all there is to it xD I'm gonna miss winter and autumn. But well, if I could travel around the world to be always in winter/autumn, I totally would haha. But I'm really looking forward for my cherry tree to bloom n.n and our plum tree to be filled with plums so we can make plum jam (hmmmmm SO YUMMY).

We always celebrate Halloween here, be it a kids party (for the kids haha) or a grown-up party (for the "grown ups"), or both n.n we haven't decided what we'll do this year yet.

I've been mising you a freaking lot! I'm trying to get into the blogging train again, but I've been busy with random things and for one reason or other, I haven't been able to do it u.u But I'll give my best!


Te quiero!

Bimba Ropa Vintage said...

muy bueno tu pic nic, no hay peligro de que llueva!

Corina said...

Actually, I'm looking forward to saying goodbye to fall and hello to spring at my end :-o
Anyways, it seems you're gonna make the most out of fall there, so that makes me happy!
Enjoy the weekend!

P.S. I love the new bed cover and the magnets ;)

chantilly said...

i think i'm actually looking forward to the cooler weather :) it brings good feelings for me... even though i do hate the winter, i LOVE fall.

i'm also looking forward to caramel apples... like, a little too much.

Jamie said...

Aw, Miki! I love this post! I saw that Missoni comforter at Target too! It's sooo pretty. You have great taste in TV shows! And I'm very excited for you to experience Halloween and Thanksgiving!! <3 That is so much fun. =]