September 16, 2011

Photography tutorials, tricks and tips

Given that I know very little about photography, I find every single tip or tutorial very useful; after I read them, I always save the links in my computer. I was going through all of them yesterday and it occurred to me that they might come in handy to you, too; that's why I'm listing them here today ;).

First off, here's a manual photography cheat sheet; isn't it great? :)

Levitating photos
Adorable Zuzi runs Salad of my Life, a cool fashion photography blog where she shares her photos as well as tutorials. Wanna learn how she manages to get flawless levitating pics? Click here! ;)

Vintage looking pics
If you like fashion, you've visited Carrie's blog WishWishWish. And you've also probably swooned over the vintage look in her photos. This is how she edits them to make them look so pretty.

How to make colors pop
Cute Lisa from A Piece of Lisa is always sharing cool tips she's learnedHere you can find a tutorial on how to make colors pop by using Photoshop. And if you want to read her insights on camera lenses, you can do so by clicking here.

Elsie (do I have to explain who she is? Yeah, I didn't think so) has recently shared a 5-step guide for taking good self-portraits.

Guide to buying vintage cameras
Do you usually go thrifting and drool over those old vintage cameras? Moorea Seal posted a very useful blog for amateur vintage camera lovers.

Film photography
At Besotted blog you can find not one but several film photography tutorials ;). Here is one about the Brownie camera; and here you'll find lots of other useful links.

Food photography
These ones are for Spanish speakers only, sorry :/. Between you and me, we love taking photos of what we eat at restaurants and even at home, right? Sonia from A que saben las nubes? knows that and is an expert on that subject. Learn how to take food pics herehere and  here.

You're welcome! ;) Hope you found these links useful!

Have a wonderful weekend! ;D


Scorpio78 said...

It always seemed interesting photography to me, but it's not on my genes, though.
Perhaps your post may come in handy for me too, and help me achieve great pictures.

lissa said...

wonderful! going to check them all out. thanks for posting this.

Unknown said...

totally bookmarked! great post... thanks for sharing!

take care, aimee
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Moorea Seal said...

ooh so many great links! thanks for posting to one on my blog!
xo Moorea

Corina said...

Hello Miki,
I hope you're enjoying the weekend :)
Thanks for sharing these useful photography tips! I'll try to find the time to read them in detail.
Have an awesome week!

Unknown said...

this is great thanks for sharing

Zuzi said...

Unknown said...

Actually, I touched base on this subject in a previous digital photography tutorial. Free photography tutorials

Unknown said...

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