September 01, 2011

New lexicon

Hello, everybody! And thank you so much for showing your support to 3 Blogger Friends. We really appreciate it ;). Today I have no pictures to show, just a rant, I guess ... It was a blah day; I hate those, don't you? I didn't go to the library, I woke up later than I should have and continued filling in job applications ... I did run on the treadmill at least, that was probably the highlight of my day, pathetic, right?

Oh, I also got  October's issue of Glamour magazine in the mail today. David got an annual subscription on Groupon for really cheap (I think it was $10 including shipping); I couldn't say no, hehe. In less than 2 weeks I got August, September and October's issues, what the hell? 

Oh, oh, and something super funny happened to me this morning! A beggar rang our bell, which had never happened before, aaaand, as soon as I opened the door he said, "Is you mom or dad at home?" Wtf?! Did he think I was a child??? Muahaha!

Anyway, have I ever told you that I write down the new words in English I learn? Do you wanna see the ones I've been incorporating lately?

PB & J ... Does any non-native English speaker know what this stands for? ... Peanut butter and jelly sandwich, hehe. And Pam Beesley and Jim, if you watch The Office.

Sport as a synonym of kid, such as in "Well done, sport!".

Milf: mother I'd like to f*ck.

To have it bad for someone: to have a huge crush on someone.

Skivvies: undies.

The 11th hour: the last moment when change is possible.

I've also noticed that Americans use lots and lots of acronyms! OCD, DUI, ED ...
I love learning new words but trying to memorize them can be overwhelming. I get so frustrated when I ask David, "What does that mean?" and the second he starts explaining the meaning of that term I realize he's already defined it for me before :/. It happens pretty much every single day. Last night, we were watching The Office and someone used the expression "willy-nilly" and David went, "Were we watching this episode when you asked me what "willy-nilly" meant?" I did remember that one, though, hehe ;).

By the way, have you ever watched TV or Netflix with subtitles? We leave the subtitles on most of the times and although I don't always read them, I usually peek at them when conversations get difficult for me to understand, such as when people whisper or have a very sharp southern accent. Anyhow, I recommend you try having the subtitles on just so you can have some fun. The way they describe sounds is hilarious! Every time the intro of Parks and Recreations starts the subtitles say "triumphant song" and when Bart Simpson laughs, "laughing mischievously", haha.

All right, I guess I've rambled too much already. Hope you're all getting ready for the weekend! ;D It's a long one here, yay!


Hello Naka said...

i didnt know about skivves D:
and une bolue is a scoop :p we had to learn it to order our ice cream XD and i really hope u find a new sewing machine :)

Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said...

i don't usually watch tv with subtitles. but i love to see how our commonplace phrases confuse you! i think it's cute. especially when i don't think twice about them.

Jamie said...

haha, I love this! <3 I never really think about all of our extra words and stuff. It's nice to see some insight from an outsider! (Not that you're an outsider...I think you would fit in quite nicely with us in the states) ;) Have you ever heard the term goosebumps? My French friend were really impressed by that one.

Laura said...

Hi there friend!
Sounds like a great weekend to me! I love that the internet has a way of bringing people together. How people who begin as internet friends meet in person eventually. Have fun at the wedding!

I'll hug all the pets for you. Do the same for me. :)

Laura :)

Courtney said...

Pam Beesley and Jim! That cracks me up!

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Lol I love that someone taught you the word MILF! hehe not exactly a word us brits use that often. There is a term we use a lot in the pub though (the boys use!) - A butterface! it means some one who has a great body but not a good face. Everything is banging but-her-face! there you go! hehe! Anything else you would like help with!

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chantilly said...

the other day a beggar came up to me at the *atm machine* and asked for money. which i thought was weird... but knocking on someone's door?! and that he thought you were a little kid... awwkwarrrrd.


Carrie said...

I get the kid thing all the time people think I am still a teenager lol

Corina said...

I think keeping a record of the new words is really helpful and regarding the beggar, he was definitely flirting!! haha