September 26, 2011

My latest library purchases

Hello, everybody! Hope you've all started the week with a smile :D. Fortunately, and thanks to a big stash of medicine, I'm feeling way better now! Actually, I've been breathing better than ever :P. I feel more energetic and awake than I can recall.

Anyway, I've just realized that I haven't shown you lots of books that I bought at the library sale these past weeks, so why not do it now? ;) Remember to check your local library for great bargains! ;) The books you'll see below ranged from 25c to $1.  A little heads up: some county fairs set some days when they received donated books instead of charging an entrance ticket. Such books were given to schools and libraries. We got a huge amount of new books today, so I think it's a great time to check the shelves in the book sale area ;D.

I'm particularly thrilled about the first book. I started reading it today on my way back from the library and I'm going to keep reading it as soon as I publish this post :p.

We're considering repainting our bedroom walls, so I thought the book on the left might come in handy. I brought the second one is for David.

Have you ever heard of a cat named Dewey? He was a stray who was found at a library. Apparently, his story is quite unbelievable. There's a sequel to this book, btw.

One about Lewis and Clark ;) and a manual I'm sure I'll be opening a lot, hehe.

I have plenty of books to read before these ones, but I couldn't help buying them.

I got  some crafty stuff, too.

And some more children books for my collection, hehe.

Oh, and I also found these Christmas gift tags; there are lots of them! I guess I'll keep using them for a few years, ha.

What books have you been reading lately?
Do you collect any books or magazines?

Have a great week! ;D



Scorpio78 said...

I'm glad to know you're feeling/breathing better than ever. Don't overdo with drugs, though!

The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri must be an interesting book; Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise.

Last book that I've read (not that I have finished) is "On Heroes and Tombs" by Ernesto Sábato. I had to read it on high school. So, I'm not a book eater at all.

lissa said...

I haven't been to a library in ages, sadly, most are closed now.

great finds. I have not read a single book that you've mentioned.

the last book I read or at least finished from cover to cover is 'Postcards from a dead girl' by Kirk Farber - it's freaking hilarious. I highly recommend it. it is the book that I read that makes me laugh out loud.

glad to hear you are doing well. happy tuesday!

vero mariani said...

eso es lo que amo de estados unidos e irlanda (donde estuve felizmente viviendo): libros a precios lógicos... qué digo? baratísimos!!! acá cuestan un huevo y la mitad del otro... aaaaay suspiro.... jejejej!
igual muy buenas compras miki ;) beso enormeeee y gran día!

Corina said...

Hello Miki!
It's good to know you're doing well :)
I can't believe you continue finding so many interesting books :-o
I haven't read anything for ages... shame on me!
I wish you a fantastic week :)