September 13, 2011

Clothes I own and have never worn

Today I was going through my wardrobe with the hope of finding motivation to keep losing weight. When I first got in California I put on some kilos and it's been really hard to try to lose them. Truth to be told, though, I'd already started gaining weight even before I left Argentina. Weight has always been an issue in my life. I was obese in my teenage years and I tried everything you can imagine to get slimmer until I realized that the only true and long lasting solution is to learn how to eat healthily. I managed to keep my weight within healthy boundaries for years, but these past months I noticed I was letting loose too much. Dieting has never been fun for me, but I can honestly say that I'm willing to do what it takes to reach my standard healthy weight ;).

That having been said, and coming back to the point of this post, I've been going through my wardrobe to look at those clothes that I used to fit in and can no longer wear. I brought all my favorite clothes and most of them are still a bit too small, bummer! :/ However, I plan on using this fact to motivate myself to try harder. 

Anyway, I was kind of shocked to find lots of items that I have never worn for some reason! :O Wanna take a look at them?

I bought this blouse about 2 years ago because I love its pattern. It was kind of tight then, so you can imagine how tight it is now, haha!

I love the following skirt! I bought it at DAM, an indie Argentine clothing store. I still haven't figured out what to pair it with, though.

This is a dress I bought on Etsy 2 years ago. It was a bit big when I got it in the mail and now it's too tight, ha. It's not the kind of dress a smart person buys without trying it on, but when I saw it on the model (the 2nd and 3rd pics below), I couldn't help myself.

The next 3 pieces were made by indie Argentine designer Marina Casas, owner of  Antinomia. Her clothes combine hip hop and Japanese culture; it may sound weird, but I really like her products. The problem is I find them hard to match ... The first pic looks complicated, it's a pair or samurai looking pants. You'll understand how they go when you see them on the model (2nd and 3rd pics below).

It's a wide pair of pants and they have extra layers of fabric on both sides which wrap around your legs and waist. They bring an attached thin belt you can tie at the back or front. They're cool and heavy. When can I wear them??? I still haven't found the right occasion to wear such thing.

 This is difficult to picture on a person, but it's a mere woolen vest.

The last Antinomia piece is a black and white belt.

I bought this black coat on the Argentine E-Bay. I love its black dull sequins, but I don't like the way it suits me.

The following 3 have always been kind of small for me. Why did I buy them anyway? Don't ask me! Haha.

My wardrobe also has items I've worn just once or twice tops :/. The reason why I haven't worn them more often is because of the weight gain fact. I look too fat for all of these:

I'm thinking about maybe selling some of the clothes I'm obviously not going to wear ever, but I'm not sure about that yet.

Am I the only one who has such a big unworn apparel??? :/

Hugs! ;D


Lindsey said...

Well, if you decide to sell that sailor type, I call dibs haha! I love that green skirt, it's amazing. It has no much detail, I think it would work best with an understated top, maybe just a white shirt? I think it would look cute with wedges as well.

Lindsey said...

Oops, I meant: sailor type top* :P

Jamie said...

I have nothing in my wardrobe that I've never worn before! I love that your taste in clothes is so varied! AND oh my gosh can I NEED that skirt in the 3rd picture on the post!!!

Carrie said...

cute clothes and yes I have alot of clothes I have never worn mostly because I cant find the right thing to go with them :( love the dress in the 13th pic

BuenoBueno said...

i love your header! its so adorable!!!! GO MIKI!
Now i gotta catch up on your blog!

laura said...

Miki, I'm the same way... I love buying stuff for the look of them and thinking that one day, I'll be able to fit into them. GAH, I am so undisciplined that it never works -_-. So now, if stuff doesn't fit, I give them away. This teaches me to really be more focused on my weight goals!
♥ laura

the blog of worldly delights

chantilly said...

i love the second skirt! i'd pair it with a simple black tank top. i wish you luck with your weight loss, but try not to be so hard on yourself, eh? a couple spare pounds never hurt anyone, despite what the media would have us believe.


Agora tô pronta said...

Hi honey, love the blog.
great photos.
What do you think of following one another?

jamie said...

girl, there are amazing pieces here! i have a ton of stuff i haven't touched and stuff with tags on them still =X im bad! but i mean wow, those boots? AMAZZZZING!

Hope you and david are well girl!
xx jamie

Lula said...

let me know whenever you're planning on going to a fair or something like that, we can meet!

lisa said...

I have tons of stuff I've never worn or only once or twice. Such a bad habit! :( cute stuff!

Corina said...

What a cool post!
Every girl on earth should be posting about this! haha It happens to everyone, Miki, so you shouldn't worry :)
And if you ever decide to sell some of them, let me know that there are two dresses I might be interested in ;)
Have a nice day!