September 06, 2011

And they lived happily ever after.

Hello, everybody! I haven't blogged for 5 days, which feels like a huge hiatus! It's been a quiet but happy long weekend. We spent time with David's family, we chilled at home, ran errands aaaand we attended my friend Cris' wedding! :D

Now, you're going to think this is kind of crazy, but I met Cris in person on his wedding day! We became friends on MySpace 3 or 4 years ago but we had never seen each other before this weekend. He lives in California and has a band called Silverscreen. If you like indie pop, you should definitely check his music out! 

The wedding was held in an adorable church with a beautiful view to the ocean. The church's walls and roof were made of glass; how cool is that?!

Cris married Arina, who's also a musician. She's from Indonesia and leads a band called Mocca. (Click on the link to learn more about it)

I'm really glad to have witnessed such a special moment :). 

Look! A friendly squirrel came over where we were to say hi, hehe! :P 

The ceremony, the church and the landscape were beautiful! Oh, and can you believe I got a gift from Cris?! :O "Ink Polaroids of Belle & Sebastian" by Stuart David, one of the original members of Belle & Sebastian :P.

I really hope we get to hang out with Cris and his wife in the future! I'm very happy to have met them! :)

Hope you've all started the week off with a smile! :D


Carrie said...

haha that squirrel is too cute

Prima Humberta said...

Miki me gusta mucho, pero mucho tu blog. Te lo tenĂ­a que decir.
te sigo!


Corina said...

It's great to know you enjoyed the weekend, as I told you by e-mail :)
Have a lovely week as well!

Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said...

Oh how lovely! Better meeting your friend late than never and what a fun time to meet...on his wedding day! It looks like you guys had a fun time and what a cute picture of you and your sweetie!

babalisme said...

I can't believe you're at Arina's wedding!! If you know how famous she is here you'll be surprised too!

Kim said...

Cute! Is that the famous glass church??

Hello Naka said...

the wedding looks beautiful i love her dress ^^ i wish i could knew more people getting married :p