August 08, 2011

Oh, damn you, Walmart!

This might sound kind of funny to some of you, but I've realized that I like doing grocery shopping at Walmart. Maybe it's because we usually go on Friday or Saturday late at night (at midnight or even past that) and that makes it more enjoyable: fewer people, more parking space ... I don't know. I've also noticed that every single time we go, we end up bringing lots of stuff we hadn't planned to buy originally :/ ... Here you have some examples:

I grabbed this bag of sliced bread only because I love its packaging! Doesn't it look like a tablecloth? :p
By the way, we don't usually eat white bread; but we will this week.

When we got to the gardeing section, I grabbed these okra seeds ... Do I need to grow my own okra? Certainly not.
I should also mention that we almost left that area with a hummingbird feeder, although we had agreed not to get one before because of the cats. Who knows? We might get it anyway in the future :/ ...

David grabbed these glow bars a couple of weeks ago when we were waiting in line to pay. He said, "I'm sure you can use these for your blog, no?". And of course, we added the bars onto the conveyor belt. Still haven't opened the bag ...

Name tags? Well, as Andy Bernard from The Office said, "You never know when you might need one" ... Right?

These raspberries looked too tempting not to get them :p. There were not in our list either.

And I guess that if you grab a box of raspberries, you also need to get skewers, no? ... To make fruit kebabs, people! Duh!

As for the following, well, what can I say?  We all deserve to try Magic Mil Flavoring Straws, don't you think? ;)

Last but not least, here's our most expensive unnecessary purchase of the week: a water fountain for our cats! We didn't buy this at Walmart, though.
Those spoiled brats, ha! They drink water from the sink and bowls we put in our bedroom, but not from their water bowl in the kitchen.

Do you usually buy more things than you need, too?

Hope you have a great week! ;D


lissa said...

those little trinkets, gadgets are so enticing. though I have never been to a walmart, but I have been to a kmart and other mini malls, as I think them to be. it's really for those easily distracted, like me. One time, I would have brought a whole set of useless mustache napkins just because they existed.

Corina said...

Grossery shopping in a new place is awesome :D I love it! And I definitely end up buying things I hadn't planned to :-o
Have a nice week you too!

Laura said...

Oooh! Your cats will probably love the fountain! My cats live either in front of their fountain or in the sink faucet. ;)

I tend to have the same problem when shopping. "Extras" always seem to jump in the cart! LOL

Have a great week!

Laura :)

Lindsey said...

AHAHA, at first glance of the last picture I was like, "Omg, what kind of crazy toilet is that?!" Then I scrolled back up :P

I have a love/hate relationship with Wal-Mart. They are so much cheaper than everyone else, but I hate not buying things made in America :[

Bimba Ropa Vintage said...

no es demasiado aparato para una solo funcion?
me refiero a la fuente para el gato, tuviste el famoso impulso!