August 29, 2011

Day 29: Library finds

Hello, folks! How was your weekend? Mine, a little boring, you might say, but quite productive (well, kind of). It consisted of feeling sick on Saturday and filling out forms and uploading my resume everywhere on Sunday. Guys, I'm seriously worried about my current situation. There aren't any suitable jobs for me in this area and my not being able to drive is a huge problem. I got the driving manual in the mail, though, so that's a start.

Anyway, enough of that! On to today's pictures! These are two vintage books I found at the library; I've scanned a few pages, let's see if you find them interesting.

"The Complete Book of Children's Parties", 1949. I couldn't help bringing it home; it's so cute and it covers so many different kinds of parties! :)

"The Holiday Cookbook", 1950.

I really like these two books because they totally depict the concept of home, don't you think? ;)

 Before I go, a quick question: does anybody know Emilie Simon?
We're going to see her in late October. Her music is not my style at all, but David really likes her. I was wondering if you have an opinion about her ;).

Hope you've started the week with a huge smile! ;D


jamie said...

hey darling! im sending you warm wishes and i hope that the job hunt goes well! crossing fingers and toes! the books are adorable! you find the coolest things at the library! and no, im sorry i havent heard of Emilie Simon =X but i hope you enjoy her music and that you two have a great time at her show!

get well soon

Carrie said...

cute finds!!!

Hello Naka said...

i wanna know more about the childrens parties tehe :p

Laura said...

I love these books! I especially like the instructions for decorating a marshmallow for hot cocoa at a children's party. LOL!

Corina said...

Cool findings!
They look adorable! Have fun reading them and you'll see your current situation will change soon ;)

Jamie said...

That first book is so cute! I love it! I adore how much more simple things were "back then". Imagine what a book like that would like now!

I hope things look up for you in the job finding department! Good luck! <3