August 24, 2011

Day 24: Jaywalking

Well, not really, but kind of. Today has consisted of updating my resume, opening accounts in recruitment agencies, buying folders and envelopes and trying to drop one resume at Adecco. I'm telling you, not driving is showing its high downsides. I had to walk in the sun from one place to the other for a while; I was sweaty, tired, hopeless first, a little more confident later ... it was an emotional roller coaster, haha. Hopefully, some ok job will show up ... somewhere ... I hope.

These are just pictures I took while walking.

Have fun, everyone! ;D

Psss, by the way, have you seen the new buttons that Ashley has designed? I love them! :P


Ashley said...

good luck on your job hunt!!

Hello Naka said...

stay postive!