August 23, 2011

Day 23: a bad and great day

First off, let's start with the great stuff ;). Have you noticed any changes around here???? :D The AMAZING Ashley is redesigning the layout of this blog! She had so generously handed over my previous layout, which I loved, but it was time for a change and man, am I happy with this one?! I'm thrilled! :D I can't believe she took the time to draw the header and pay attention to so many details! Have you noticed that the upper bar is animated? She claims it's not finished yet, but I LOOOVE the way it is :D. THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH, ASHLEY! I owe you BIG time!

I'm sure you're all Ashley's followers already, but if you haven't visited Under Those Neon Lights yet ... What are you waiting for??? You won't be disappointed, I promise ;).

... As for the not-so-cool part of my day, well the most upsetting thing was to find out that the library I'm volunteering at does not hire employees directly. I got my work permit from the government (yay!), so I thought it was time to offer myself to actually work there, you know, in exchange for a salary, ha. Apparently, I need to go to the City Hall and try my luck there ...

I also missed my bus back home today, bummer! >:( I didn't want to wait for an hour to take the next one, so I decided to walk. Ehm, I thought it was going to take me way less to get home ... I walked 3.3 miles (no big deal, I've done that before), but the problem was that there was no shade anywhere, grrr! And I had no water or money. It took me over an hour to get here, but whatever. Once home I was happy to find that Ashley had revamped my blog, yaaay! :D

Oh, it seems I'm very talkative today, weird!  Anyway, since I'm always carrying a camera in my purse, I took pictures all the way from the library to the complex, hehe. Wanna see them? If you do, scroll down.

This part of Ontario, Ca, is kind of crappy; there's not much to see (aside from the mountains), but I snapped some signs that called my attention. Does anybody have an idea of what service they offer in this store??

And wtf is this?! :/ I feel uncomfortable by just looking at it.

I can't get over the number of signs in Spanish that I see everywhere!

How the hell does an American person pronounce "Jacaranda"??? 

And what the hell is a "pupuseria"? Hahaha!

I guess this is it for the time being :p.
Hope you're all having a great day! ;D


Carrie said...

I love the new look its great!!!

Teddi said...

you are funny! :) i like your blog profile photo. ashley did a great job. it's all whimsical, & reminds me of watercolors.

jamie said...

wow! she did an amazing job! this looks SOO good =) i super love this!

Lula said...

do I see a new template???

che, no te molestaría seguirme tb en ese blog lo actualizo más rapido!!


Lula said...

más seguido, quiero decir

laughing without an accent

Cookie said...

It looks so great!

Rosie said...

LOVING the new layout, everything is so pretty! :D
the header is especially lovely :)
Rosie xo

Kariyah said...

What funny signs!! Your blog looks great!

chantilly said...

i *love* the redesign, it looks great!! <3

Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said...

the blog looks so cute!
a pupuseria is a place that sells pupusas. they're el salvardorian deliciousness. they're like a fat tortilla with beans and/or meat and cheese and cabbage and onion and salsa on them. so good.

and i'd say it : ha car an da.