August 22, 2011

Day 22: A tour in the 99c store

This post may say nothing to you if you live in America. I mean, I suppose everybody here has been to a 99c store . We have them in Buenos Aires, too, but the variety of items sold is not as wide as it is here. 

These are some of the objects that have caught my eye :).

Yes, believe it or not these are balloons! 

You can find chalk shaped like pretty much anything here.

Steering wheels for the Wii.

Something for baseball players.

There's a wide variety of coloring books and stationery.

The food aisles are well supplied, too. You have to be careful, though, because sometimes you can get some of those products even cheaper in a regular grocery store.

 We bought these photo paper and our pictures came out great :).

Hope you enjoyed the tour, hehe!

Forgive the quality of the pictures, I took them all with my phone.
Hugs! ;D


chantilly said...

i remember those weird balloon things in the first picture from when i was little. they smell really bad. lol :)


jamie said...

i LOVE the dollar store!!! my nephews and niece would love those chalks =)

Lula said...

I used to have another image of america before I came here, I thought it was an elitist place to live where only wealthy ppl could enjoy. False. You can find your way around everything (legally, of course) and live cheap! Even if you have the money you can still choose to make wise decisions and buy at that place!

I buy clothes mostly at Ross, and other places like that!

BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

it really is surprising what u can find in this store. hehe


babalisme said...

I play with the balloon paste all the time! It's very popular here with young kids. We don't have a dollar store here, sob, it looks like a mountain full of cheap treasures!!

Fin Ryder said...

I enjoy Dollar stores (that's what they are here in Canada) for the notebooks. They come in so many different sizes and colours.

Laura said...

Love the new blog banner and layout! :)

Just back from my mini-break. Did you get my email last week?

Laura :)

Corina said...

Hey Miki!
What a cool layout your blog has! Like it :)
I do love all the stuff appearing in the post. You're right, we cannot find it in Argentina. Lucky you!
What have you bought apart from the photo paper? I bet it was not the only item you bought ;)
Have a nice day!

Hello Naka said...

i lveo the colouring books i think i would buy them all XD