August 19, 2011

Day 19: A tour in the donation center

Today I could go to the library, yay! And I was alone most of the time, so I could snap some pics of the donation center. We are always working either there organizing the donated material or upstairs reloading shelves. 

This area is usually a mess and as you can see in this pic, we get lots of videos, not just books. We also get games, puzzles and whatnot.

I loaded most of these boxes with history videos today.

We keep fiction books alphabetically organized and non-fiction books are randomly sorted. Within the non-fiction area we have some shelves where we split the books under biographies (pic below), cookbooks, arts & crafts, religion, medical books, computer books, textbooks and encyclopaedias (all other topics go under "non-fiction"). Paper backs are put in boxes and magazines are kept in rolling carts outside this room.

We get tons of children's books every day. We keep them in two rolling carts and in shelves outside this room.

Some of the books are not worth selling for just a buck or cents, so we put them aside and I check how valuable they are (there's a website that estimates how much certain books cost). If they turn out to be valuable, we put them up for a silent auction; if they're not, we sell them for $1 or 25c in the case of children's books. These are the ones I still need to check :/ ...

... Plus two boxes like this one.

I'd also like to show you some interesting books I found today ;). 
Look at these funny books about marriage, haha!

Here are some kitty finds, hehe.

No kitties on the cover, but look inside the book :p.

Some antiques ... The first one from 1921 and the second one from 1909.


Finally, these are some books I'm indulging myself in this week.

Aren't these two bookmarks I found in books cute? :)

Hope you are all having a great day! ;D


daisymay aka Chantele said...

Hey miki, sorry I have been gone so long, life is just to to hectic right now for me to blog, which is sad :-( Missing you all lots, you seem to have been very busy while I was gone. Hope your ok, and glad you liked the little card. I thought it was super cute!

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jamie said...

wow, how fun would it be to dig in all those boxes! i'd like to peek into those marriage boxes lol. i hope you have a great weekend my love!!

Carrie said...

this is too funny I took pictures at work today too!!! Have you ever read Dewey the library cat if not you should I think you would love it

Corina said...

Hi! It seems too much work and so much fun at the same time!
I can't believe children's books are sold at those prices... they're so expensive here!
I love the bookmarks :) and the books about marriage look funny.
Btw, I got to know Nick Vujicic published a few books, so if you come across any of them, please let me know!
Saludos desde Argentina!

little t said...

Tons of great finds in there Miki!