August 18, 2011

Day 18: Right on time

This week we've been tighter than usual; we made the house payment, overdrew the bank account, had to cover the overdraft and pay the fine. We tend to get carried away when we go grocery shopping and get things we don't actually need. We could also shrink our fun budget by eating out less and having more humble gatherings with friends. Don't get me wrong, we never go too crazy, remember I'm still not bringing a salary home, so we can't afford luxurious gatherings (nor do we want to, anyway, ha!), but the thing is we need to start doing a better job at saving money for emergencies, for trips, for whatever.

The bank incident is not big a deal, but this week we found ourselves trying to figure out what strategic purchases to make to get by until they next paycheck arrives. When I say strategic, I mean cheap + long lasting groceries, such as a box of ramen ($1.80 for 20 packs) or diet shakes. I've skipped lunch before so I could give my dad a plate of food every day; again, it's not the end of the world, I'm just trying to explain why I'm posting the following pictures.

Anyway, to the point! We were literally counting coins to see if I can afford to take the the bus to go to the library (I only went one day this week because my monthly bus pass expired) and then we unexpectedly get an envelope in the mail :D.

Two $10 gift cards to shop at Target that David had won at Quibids a while ago! We'd totally forgotten about them and they made me very happy when I found them inside the envelope this evening :P. We have money for groceries and stuff now! :D

Isn't it funny that is says "extremely urgent" on the envelope? Haha!

 I hope I didn't sound too whiny, I don't like when people whine for no actual reason, hehe.

Have a great night, everyone! ;D 

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chantilly said...

aww, girl! hang in there. maybe there's just little cash jobs you could do here and there on the side? i just found this website and am thinking about trying it out!

hope you're okay, xoxo