August 15, 2011

Day 15: Okra

Two weeks ago I planted some okra seeds and they have already started sprouting! :P On Friday, there were two leaves, then another one popped up on Sunday and then two more this morning! :O

Hope you've started the week off with a smile! ;D


Corina said...

Congrats and thanks for commenting in my blog about today's hero!
Have a nice day :)

Carrie said...

oh we love okra around here ours are going crazy right now

Anonymous said...

I'm not crazy about okra, but I salute anyone who can grow a garden and isn't all thumbs in it. Just wanted you to know, I love the look of your blog. So whimsical and lovely to look at! Thanks, too, for all the great pix.

Lindsey said...

Mmm, I love okra! Do you prefer it boiled or fried?

chantilly said...

yay! matt and i are trying to grow something too! we have some parsley seeds we're trying to sprout. i have no idea how it'll turn out... i kill plants, usually :) i'm happy yours are sprouting!